Picture of the Day.

March 22nd, 2010


Busi­ness is very slow at the moment.

By that, I mean that the work I’ve got on is enough, but edit­ing and album design use up the time and ener­gy that I’d rather be using to take pictures.
To keep my cam­era and I busy, I’ve got a cou­ple of projects and goals for this year.
One of my goals is that to get one of my wed­dings pub­lished in a mag­a­zine or on a wed­ding blog.
The recog­ni­tion that I’d get from that would be incred­i­ble. If any­body knows some­one who knows some­one in the biz, help a broth­er out!

My oth­er goal, with no direct fin­ish line, is to sim­ply shoot more. For fun.
My job here start­ed off pure­ly as a hob­by. Now I earn a liv­ing from it. That alone for me is incred­i­ble, but that also means that my cam­era usu­al­ly only gets to see weddings.
I need to get back to tak­ing my cam­era out with me every­day and shoot­ing some­thing not because i’m being paid to do so, but because I want to!
Old-school read­ers of this blog will remem­ber that I used to give away for down­load a free wall­pa­per every Mon­day, this fea­ture had a very catchy name; “Free Wall­pa­per Monday!”
Each Mon­day, I felt a fair bit of pres­sure from my read­ers to get a pic­ture up, and it did me good! It got me out there with my camera!
So as from today, I will do my very best to get a pic­ture of some descrip­tion, whether it be an iPhone shot or a wed­ding shot, up on this blog every Thursday…or something.

Jes­si­ca had a day off (she does work, I promise. Very hard too). We drove down to Ched­dar and before we left for home, I saw this very image in my head.
I had to climb a very small hill which was near impos­si­ble because of my poor choice of footwear and the snow.
The pic­ture is pret­ty far away from tech­ni­cal­ly per­fect, most­ly because of the water droplets on the lens… but I like it.

Cheddar Gorge


Today, in com­par­i­son to how I was feel­ing about busi­ness yes­ter­day, i’m feel­ing great. Since then I have had three book­ings! THREE!
This year is going to be so busy, i’m just glad it’s a job that im so pas­sion­ate about.
I’ve also been very busy with some­thing that’s in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for some mas­sive changes yeh?
Enjoy today’s pic­ture of our cat.
Despite the fact that I take my fair share of pic­tures of jpeg each day, (yes, that’s her name) i’ll be doing my best not to innun­date you with pic­tures of her!

Jpeg the Cat


So this pic­ture of the day thing seems to be going well so far does­n’t it! (I’m sor­ry, I’ve done a ter­ri­ble job of keep­ing on top of it already!)

My first entry on the pic­ture of the day, I was com­plain­ing a lit­tle on how qui­et busi­ness is at the moment. Well now, already things are incred­i­ble. I’m get­ting booked up left right and cen­tre and it real­ly is a strange con­cept for me.

I’m get­ting allot of love­ly cou­ples book­ing me to cap­ture the hap­pi­est day of their lives! The nice things that they’re say­ing about my work are incred­i­ble to hear. They feel like I’m the per­son for the job! I’m grin­ning like an idiot!
It’s just very bizarre for me at the moment, sure ’09 was great, but already ’10 is boom­ing and I’m find­ing it hard to stop jump­ing around with excite­ment each time a cou­ple books me!

Some­thing that remind­ed me to blog today was a new venue I found that is no dis­tance from me at all, it’s called Berwick Lodge, and good­ness me, it looks beau­ti­ful inside. I would love to shoot a wed­ding there. By foot (because admit it, who dri­ves any­more?) it’s 1.4 miles away!
Here is their web­site
So hope­ful­ly I’ll be shoot­ing there some­time this year!

Enjoy today’s pic­ture of the “day”
Trust me, the sum­mer will be here soon. Just don’t quote me on that!



Just popped online quick­ly to show today’s pic­ture of the day.
It seems like I’m lov­ing the square crop recent­ly as you may have noticed.

Gloomy days like today make me so des­per­ate for sum­mer to get some sun on my skin!
I hope you’re hav­ing a good week.
Enjoy today’s picture.

London Photographer

Are you tak­ing pictures?
What are you using?
Don’t wor­ry about hav­ing the best equip­ment, all that mat­ters is that you’re tak­ing pictures.
Use your mobile phone, use the old 35mm cam­era at the back of your cup­board, or just your new dig­i­tal cam­era that you keep on mean­ing to go out and use but haven’t had the chance.
Get out there and take pic­tures of what­ev­er you like.
And enjoy!



So I could­n’t post just one pic­ture today.
It just start­ed snow­ing a lit­tle while ago, and if you’re a UK read­er, you’re think­ing some­thing along the lines of “Go away snow, we’ve had enough of you”

I saw these huge storm clouds rolling in, fol­lowed by a very heavy bliz­zard, fol­lowed by sun­shine! I bet 90% of the res­i­dents of Bris­tol hard­ly knew there was a snow storm. Incredible.
So to show you how quick it all hap­pened, heres the first one;

And here’s the sec­ond picture;
Both quite nice pic­tures, sure. But the amaz­ing thing in my mind is that these pic­tures were tak­en just ten min­utes with­in each other.

And just whilst I’ve been typ­ing this up, the sun has set, but there is still an beau­ti­ful sun­set light­ing up the sky, just enough for me to be able to see more snow clouds rolling in! Hope­ful­ly we won’t get more snow like we did last time round!

This blog links in a lit­tle with yes­ter­days pic­ture of the day where I was encour­ag­ing any­one with a cam­era to take pictures.
I don’t think I explained myself enough. But to illus­trate, I don’t always take my cam­era with me. I used to, reli­gious­ly, but not now.
Instead I’ll usu­al­ly just have my iPhone, or my lit­tle com­pact cam­era. These two pic­tures  were tak­en with my lit­tle com­pact and I’m hap­py enough with the qual­i­ty of it that I actu­al­ly use it at wed­dings instead of my dig­i­tal SLR equip­ment worth a four fig­ure sum.

Remem­ber a few pic­tures back, I was talk­ing about a new wed­ding venue I found called Berwick Lodge?
Well, I had an appoint­ment with the wed­ding coor­di­na­tor today. A real­ly nice lady called Fiona.
Berwick Lodge is by far the most incred­i­ble hotel I’ve ever been in.
With­out want­i­ng to raise my hopes too much, it looks like I’ll be one of only two rec­om­mend­ed pho­tog­ra­phers for the hotel.
I can’t wait to shoot there, it real­ly is some­thing else! And rumor has it that they’ll soon have a Miche­lin starred Chef grac­ing their kitchens!

Any­way, I’m going to look out the win­dow a bit more.


Wel­come to February.

I’m very busy today, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.
In ref­er­ence to my lit­tle com­ments about ‘it does­n’t mat­ter what cam­era you use to take pic­tures’, I’ll be post­ing some iPhone images soon, I promise.

Mean­while, I had to share this image with you.
This pic­ture was tak­en back in Octo­ber in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.
It was a lit­tle tree with lots of paper tags tied to it with notes from peo­ple. A bit like face­book, but cute.
Hope your week goes well for you.
London Wedding Photographer

And, as promised, an iPhone pic­ture. I’ve got loads of iPhone pic­tures of our cat, but I don’t want a suc­cess­ful wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy blog to turn into a blog about fur balls and lit­ter train­ing, so I’m try­ing very hard to not inun­date you with them!

I took this pic­ture out of the car win­dow on a mis­er­able day.
I love this pic­ture though, and I realise that I’ve already post­ed a pic­ture with rain drops dis­tort­ing the image but I’m not going to make any apologies!
Shoot­ing in Man­ches­ter is always great fun for me! One of my favorite wed­dings I’ve shot was there and I’ve got plen­ty of book­ings com­ing up, includ­ing one at the Great John Street Hotel.
For future ref­er­ence, all pic­tures tak­en on my phone haven’t been touched by photoshop
Manchester wedding Photographer


Love — a wild­ly mis­un­der­stood although high­ly desir­able mal­func­tion of the heart which weak­ens the brain, caus­es eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pres­sure to rise and the lips to pucker.

Now here’s a pic­ture from the archives! I think this was my very first engage­ment shoot with a cou­ple called Sam and Reanne.
They had a great wed­ding, the [tiny] pic­tures from which can be found here

Bristol Wedding Photographer


I say bring on the Spring! Next will come the Sum­mer, it usu­al­ly goes like that does­n’t it? Although in this coun­try, Win­ter likes to say ‘hi’ in the mid­dle of Sum­mer some­times! And yet some­how, it is still a reli­able top­ic of con­ver­sa­tion in this coun­try! Brilliant!

This blog, as I promised the oth­er day will def­i­nite­ly get busy from next week! I can’t wait to blow the dig­i­tal dust off this blog (I can’t believe I just used that ter­mi­nol­o­gy. If you’re still read­ing, thank you!)

This lit­tle pic­ture was tak­en in Clifton, Bris­tol whilst my friend, Gav Let­soa­lo from South Africa was over. He’s a direc­tor who specalis­es in music videos! We went out for a walk and spot­ted this tree with this incred­i­ble blos­som on. The tree with the blos­som on just hap­pened to be the same tree in the 6th pic­ture down on this pho­to­shoot in Clifton. Wow, that was ages ago!

Enjoy this pic­ture which, as the pre­vi­ous pic­ture of the day, also has yel­low in!
Clifton Photographs


Well, I have a nasty chest infection/sore throat/excuse to feel sor­ry for myself, but those things aside, I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to this weekend.
This week­end is the very first wed­ding of 2010!
2009 proved to be a very event­ful year, and 2010 already promis­es to be even busier!

At first I was a lit­tle wor­ried that I had got left behind, but after see­ing some incred­i­ble pho­tog­ra­phers whose work I admire only recent­ly post­ing their first wed­ding of the year, I felt a lit­tle better!
Today’s pic­ture of the day is in my eyes, noth­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly spe­cial. It’s a nice sun­set with some impres­sive clouds, but I need­ed to share this with you because where we live, we get views like this, lit­er­al­ly every day. I take pic­tures of the view pret­ty much all the time on my phone. If the view is espe­cial­ly great, I’ll get my dig­i­tal cam­era out, and today, I did.

This pic­ture was tak­en with a new lens of mine, so I’ve been using it very very heav­i­ly so that I know what the pic­ture will look like before I take it. (thats the idea anyway)

Bristol Photography


Blog­ging two days in a row? I must be on something!
I’ll keep this on quick, as I’m tak­ing this as my break from design­ing some albums.
This was tak­en up in Scot­land last sum­mer. A nice break from Bristol!
I love our friend’s hair get­ting blown by the wind and echo­ing the land­scape. The land­scape up there was eerie yet beau­ti­ful, and in some places, lunar-like.

For ref­er­ence, this was tak­en on a dig­i­tal com­pact camera.

Hope you’re all doing well.


Tech­ni­cal­ly, a com­bi­na­tion between my broth­er Phil tak­ing this shot of me, and a self por­trait. Don’t ask how though.
Hi Phil


It’s nice to get a lit­tle bit of sun­shine on our skin isn’t it?
This week­end, we went to Lon­don. Jess sur­prised me by book­ing tick­ets to see the Lion King at the Lyceum The­atre. Best sur­prise ever!
(I told every­body that we were see­ing Lion King 3D, which per­son­al­ly, I thought was hilar­i­ous. Jess… not so much!)
As soon as you get a chance to see the show, please just go and do it. It was incred­i­ble!
If you love the Lion King film then you’ll love the show. Not too sure why you would­n’t love the film, but, I’m just sayin’
Best char­ac­ter?  I’m torn between Zazu, and Rafiki.
Of course, we weren’t allowed to take pic­tures dur­ing the show, but I was too busy weep­ing at Mufasa dieing (no, they did­n’t edit that bit out)
Instead, enjoy this lit­tle bit of Spring! Can’t wait for the real thing!

  1. Emma January 14th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Fan­tas­tic :)

  2. Sue March 10th, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    Hi Joe , just seen this yel­low flow­ered tree! Shrub. Its name.…… Hamamelis mol­lis’­Pal­l­i­da’ oth­er­wise known as Chi­nese witch hazel. Sup­plied by ‘Landscapeadvice.co.uk.….……

  3. Naf March 11th, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Mate i’m a big fan of your blogs this week! Wow did that sen­tance just come out?! Lov­ing the clouds. Beautiful.

  4. George L Koroneos March 23rd, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Wow, Joseph. I came to your site to see your wed­ding work (and it’s love­ly), but your per­son­al pho­tos blew me away. These pho­tos are stunning.

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