Hi, my name is Joseph and I'm married to Jessica.

She's a wonderful little Lancashire lass, we got married in 2007.

I'm just on the edge of being a total nerd, I just don't have the brains to be a dedicated nerd.

I collect things. Old cameras, glass bottles (clear ones only please) and Lego.
I hate DIY but really enjoy gardening and I love bonsai trees.
I love live music but always forget to buy the tickets.
The city excites me but I'm a country boy at heart.
I like to dress smart but nothing beats putting on a hoody and a pair of joggers at the end of a long day.
Oh, and I'm a cat person. (see exhibit A)

I'm a wedding photographer based in Bristol but I will cover weddings all over the country/world.

My job, if you can call it that, is to take pictures of the big moments on your wedding day along side the smaller moments that you might never of noticed.

I'll cover your day in an almost entirely photojournalistic manner getting an accurate story. That means that I won't be bossing you or your guests around. After all, it's your day, not mine.

View me simply as a guest with a posh camera.

People often ask me what it's like to shoot a wedding. I tell them it's just as fun as they'd imagine. It's rewarding, I get to meet and interact with new and excited people and it happens that it's one of the only things I'm good at. So, I plan on creating these pictures for as long as I'm able.

Those who know me will know that I'm a terrible story teller and perhaps don't have heaps of self confidence, so accepting that I had developed my own style that people recognised and that were willing to photograph their most amazing day was hard for me to accept.

Now, I'm comfortable with everything I do, but you wouldn't believe how nervous I get until I take that first picture.

I'm a member of the WPJA. I'm an internationally award winning wedding photographer and I'm a recommended photographer for two beautiful venues in the south west.

So, I'd love to meet up for a coffee/beer with you and chat about your wedding.

Contact me.