Some­times, a cou­ple will book me with­out ask­ing me any ques­tions what­so­ev­er. I think this is amaz­ing, it real­ly shows that they have put their full trust in me. My images have told them every­thing they need to know.

I do love it though when a cou­ple asks me ques­tions, it shows that they real­ly care about this impor­tant process and want every­thing to be just right!

Instead of answer­ing the FAQ’s, below is a list of ques­tions that you might want to ask me when you talk to me, I’d love it if you could think of any oth­er ques­tions too!

Will you be the only per­son shoot­ing my wedding?

How long have you been shoot­ing weddings?

How did you get into shooting?

Are you part time or full time?

Do you have any training?

How many lens­es do you use?

How many wed­dings have you shot total, and how many of those were you the main photographer?

How would you describe your style of photography?

Do you travel?

Do you offer dis­counts for off-sea­son wed­dings? (Fri­day wed­dings, for example)

Are your pack­ages flexible?

Do you shoot dig­i­tal or film?

How long will it take for us to see the pictures?

Who owns the copyright?

Do you pro­vide an album with your packages?

What type of insur­ance do you have?

Are you a mem­ber of any pho­tog­ra­phy associations?

What hap­pens if you are sick and can­not shoot our wedding?

If we decide to book you, what is the process?