Photoshoot! Phil and Hannah

March 18th, 2009

I’m so glad spring has sprung!
The days just keep on get­ting warmer and warmer! Its fantastic!
The only prob­lem is, in this coun­try, when we have a stretch of good weath­er, it just means that it’ll end very soon and very hor­ri­bly! So I’ve been try­ing to take advan­tage of the weath­er, and Sun­days pho­to­shoot was no exception.

One thing I love about the brits is that the very sec­ond the sun comes out, every­one is like “QUICK! GET THE CHARCOAL AND THE BARBEQUE!” or…“Quick!! get some sun tan lotion on!” or “lets all go down to the beach at once!! Hur­ry though, because they’re only beach­es in Devon and Cornwall!!”
I loved Sun­days shoot. Even though I was telling Phil and Han­nah (My broth­er and his Wife) that it was a ter­ri­ble shoot the whole time, I had a great time.
I’m very sim­i­lar to Phil in the same way that he is sim­i­lar to Dad…(Remind him of that reg­u­lar­ly, he loves it!)…in that when we’re ner­vous, we clown around and go all sil­ly and try to show off and pull faces, and basicly act like idiots! Its terrible!!

The shoot went very well though, and for the first time, I have actu­al­ly been sat­is­fied with my pic­tures straight after tak­ing them, Where­as pre­vi­ous­ly, I would leave it a cou­ple of days before I start look­ing at the images to edit them because I “Knew” that I had failed.…But then I’d edit them and realise that they’re actu­al­ly pret­ty cool shots!.… Weird

Anoth­er rea­son why I think this shoot went well is that a few of these pic­tures made me realise that I have my own style, and I like it. This sounds like a sim­ple state­ment, but for me, this is ground­break­ing! For the first time I’m real­ly pleased with my pictures!

Enjoy these please.

Phils Eye lash­es are like, 4 inch­es long in this picture!

Extra brown­ie points to any­one who can tell me whats the oth­er side of this fence?
I love being able to shoot with the d300 and a 50mm 1.f8 lens with no flash at 7pm!

I real­ly love doing pho­to­shoots, they’re total­ly under­at­ed over here. Going back to the brits again, I think in gen­er­al, we don’t like hav­ing our pic­ture tak­en (me included)…but why? Are we the only nation who are so cam­era shy? Prob­a­bly not, but we’re pret­ty bad at freez­ing when we see a cam­era! Hope­ful­ly the falling prices of decent dig­i­tal cam­eras will encour­age the younger gen­er­a­tions to relax a lit­tle infront of the lens! If you feel like putting your inhi­bi­tions to one side and hav­ing a pho­to­shoot with me then drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you!

  1. Sue March 18th, 2009 at 11:37 am

    the pho­tos and the cou­ple are stun­ning­ly beau­ti­ful x x

  2. Hannah March 18th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks very much Joe! We love them and had a great time with you tak­ing them! I love the way you exper­i­ment and try dif­fer­ent shots and cap­ture the mood and light so well :)

  3. Pete March 18th, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    Great work and as you say your style is com­ing togeth­er nice­ly. Top work.
    I would say that there is a Quar­ry behind that fence?

    Let me know what it is.


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