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July 25th, 2008

Welcome to my blog, thanks for popping by.

This will be the place where you can come and check up on what I've been shooting recently, my last wedding, E-session, or just a party.

This site will be closely linked with my main Bristol wedding photography website which is under construction at the moment by mr colinR

What will I be up to over the next few weeks?

This weekend, my brother is arranging an extreme treasure hunt, so expect to see some pictures aswell as some video from that.

Although I'm a wedding photographer based in Bristol, I do allot of weddings and engagement shoots up and down England, Mostly the Birmingham or Midlands and Manchester and Lancashire areas.
So the weekend after, I'll be doing an E-Session with our close friends Sam and Esther up in Manchester, or more specifically Wilmslow, Cheshire.

I've shot at plenty of weddings that they've been to, and I was thrilled that they asked me to shoot their wedding in late August, they were also kind enough to invite us to their engagement party.

When I took this picture, I got really excited about shooting their wedding, they're a really easy couple to shoot.
This is the couple in question:
Sam and Esther
shooting info: 1/45th second. f4 ISO 200
one sb26 on the bar behind them illuminating Esthers Hair.

Expect to see more from these two.

Thats all for now, Thanks for reading!

Joseph Yarrow
Wedding Photographer for the Bristol and Southwest Region.

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