Wedding! Will and Cindy at Clearwell Castle.

June 25th, 2009

UPDATE: Pic­tures are now up online ready to be purchased.

This was a real last minute wedding!

This was a good thing, as it gave it me no time to work up my nerves (which I always get before I shoot a wedding)
Cindy’s Dad found me on Flickr (“or was it twit­ter?”), rang me up and asked me to do the thing that I do, for his Daughter.

Will and Cindy were wed in Clear­well Cas­tle, not far from the For­est of Dean.
Seems like the cas­tle has had some pret­ty cool mod­ern his­to­ry! Black Sab­bath, Led Zep­pelin, Deep Pur­ple and Bad com­pa­ny have all record­ed, or rehearsed there…and I quote from wiki: Black Sab­bath came to the cas­tle in 1973 seek­ing inspi­ra­tion after a series of fruit­less writ­ing ses­sions in Cal­i­for­nia. The band found what they were look­ing for (includ­ing “the riff that saved Black Sab­bath”) in an under­ground “dun­geon” there, writ­ing the crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed album Sab­bath Bloody Sabbath.

What it does­n’t say on wiki though, is that Clear­well Cas­tle prob­a­bly has the largest col­lec­tion of fur­ni­ture I’ve ever seen!

Thank you so much to the staff at Clear­well Cas­tle for mak­ing Will and Cindy’s day go so well, and spe­cial thanks goes to Elise.

Any­way, the wed­ding was a real­ly relaxed affair, it was a plea­sure to be there and it was awe­some to see two real­ly great peo­ple marry.
Thanks allot for allow­ing me to be part of your day.
Enjoy these pic­tures won’t you…

Will and Cindy-0384
Will and Cindy’s Cutie-Pie-Lit­tle-Girl, Isla
Will and Cindy-0388
Will and Cindy-0401
Mr Groom, Will!
Will and Cindy-0451
The competition.
Will and Cindy-0411
Will with their Son, Noah
Will and Cindy-0461
Will’s Best Man and Broth­er, Doug
Will and Cindy-0467
Will and Cindy-0508
The Bride!
Will and Cindy-0513
Will and Cindy-0514
Will and Cindy-0558
Will and Cindy-0588
Will and Cindy-0591
Will and Cindy-0595
Will and Cindy-0599
Will and Cindy-0601
Will and Cindy-0602
Will and Cindy-0605
Will and Cindy-0611
Not every­body was pleased! =P
Will and Cindy-0623
Will and Cindy-0665
Will and Cindy-0826
The Hyde Family!
Will and Cindy-0875
Will and Cindy-0895
Will and Cindy-1009
Will and Cindy-1053
Will and Cindy-1082
Will and Cindy-1119
Will and Cindy-1173
Where do you think you’re going?
Will and Cindy-1197
Don’t Mess.
Will and Cindy-1206
No Grooms were injured in the cre­at­ing of this image
Will and Cindy-1294
The Ladies were allot more…Ladylike
Will and Cindy-1301
Will and Cindy-1363
Will and Cindy-1418
Quite an impres­sive venue, I’m sure you’ll agree!
Will and Cindy-1461
Will and Cindy-1457
Will and Cindy-1434
Will and Cindy-1443
Will and Cindy-1466
Will and Cindy-1471
Will and Cindy-1484

Con­grat­u­la­tions Will and Cindy!

  1. Marcus June 25th, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Again Jo, you prove that you real­ly do have cam­era vision! Anoth­er great shoot for your port­fo­lio. You have cap­tured the occa­sion per­fect­ly and your pho­to-jour­nal­is­tic approach pro­vides an exquis­ite insight into the day. Well done!

  2. Amanda June 29th, 2009 at 5:27 am

    great pic­tures!!

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