Wedding! Will and Cindy at Clearwell Castle.

June 25th, 2009

UPDATE: Pictures are now up online ready to be purchased.

This was a real last minute wedding!

This was a good thing, as it gave it me no time to work up my nerves (which I always get before I shoot a wedding)
Cindy's Dad found me on Flickr ("or was it twitter?"), rang me up and asked me to do the thing that I do, for his Daughter.

Will and Cindy were wed in Clearwell Castle, not far from the Forest of Dean.
Seems like the castle has had some pretty cool modern history! Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Bad company have all recorded, or rehearsed there...and I quote from wiki: Black Sabbath came to the castle in 1973 seeking inspiration after a series of fruitless writing sessions in California. The band found what they were looking for (including "the riff that saved Black Sabbath") in an underground "dungeon" there, writing the critically acclaimed album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

What it doesn't say on wiki though, is that Clearwell Castle probably has the largest collection of furniture I've ever seen!

Thank you so much to the staff at Clearwell Castle for making Will and Cindy's day go so well, and special thanks goes to Elise.

Anyway, the wedding was a really relaxed affair, it was a pleasure to be there and it was awesome to see two really great people marry.
Thanks allot for allowing me to be part of your day.
Enjoy these pictures won't you...

Will and Cindy-0384
Will and Cindy's Cutie-Pie-Little-Girl, Isla
Will and Cindy-0388
Will and Cindy-0401
Mr Groom, Will!
Will and Cindy-0451
The competition.
Will and Cindy-0411
Will with their Son, Noah
Will and Cindy-0461
Will's Best Man and Brother, Doug
Will and Cindy-0467
Will and Cindy-0508
The Bride!
Will and Cindy-0513
Will and Cindy-0514
Will and Cindy-0558
Will and Cindy-0588
Will and Cindy-0591
Will and Cindy-0595
Will and Cindy-0599
Will and Cindy-0601
Will and Cindy-0602
Will and Cindy-0605
Will and Cindy-0611
Not everybody was pleased! =P
Will and Cindy-0623
Will and Cindy-0665
Will and Cindy-0826
The Hyde Family!
Will and Cindy-0875
Will and Cindy-0895
Will and Cindy-1009
Will and Cindy-1053
Will and Cindy-1082
Will and Cindy-1119
Will and Cindy-1173
Where do you think you're going?
Will and Cindy-1197
Don't Mess.
Will and Cindy-1206
No Grooms were injured in the creating of this image
Will and Cindy-1294
The Ladies were allot more...Ladylike
Will and Cindy-1301
Will and Cindy-1363
Will and Cindy-1418
Quite an impressive venue, I'm sure you'll agree!
Will and Cindy-1461
Will and Cindy-1457
Will and Cindy-1434
Will and Cindy-1443
Will and Cindy-1466
Will and Cindy-1471
Will and Cindy-1484

Congratulations Will and Cindy!

  1. Marcus June 25th, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Again Jo, you prove that you really do have camera vision! Another great shoot for your portfolio. You have captured the occasion perfectly and your photo-journalistic approach provides an exquisite insight into the day. Well done!

  2. Amanda June 29th, 2009 at 5:27 am

    great pictures!!

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