Wedding Teaser! Owen and Jane at Clearwell Castle

April 28th, 2010

On Fri­day I shot the wed­ding of Owen and Jane at Clear­well Castle.
It was an incred­i­bly warm but crisp Spring day!
Per­fect for a wedding.
The Cas­tle is a very short jour­ney for us, con­sid­er­ing the jour­neys that we usu­al­ly make all over the country!

I real­ly enjoyed this wed­ding, I was there right up to the very end which was great as I real­ly got to know a cou­ple of the guests.
I cer­tain­ly felt like one of Owen and Jane’s friends by the end of the evening as they made me feel so welcome!

So, thank you, you two!
I hope you made your flight to San Fran­cis­co for your hon­ey­moon in the end!

This one pic­ture is just a lit­tle teaser.
It real­ly caught my eye when I was going through the 1400-ish pictures!

I love that Owen’s mum made time to glance at her son at a very impor­tant moment.

Keep an eye on the blog as I’ve got anoth­er great teas­er to post before I blog the best of Owen and Jane’s pic­tures from their wed­ding at Clear­well Castle.



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