Wedding! Moses and Sabrina in Thornbury, Bristol

May 26th, 2010

Excuse my tardiness here, I've been super super busy and there is no sign of slowing down at the moment.
That's certainly a good thing, being busy, but my blog has suffered and I apolgise.
I've got so much to blog so if you're a guest waiting for a wedding to be blogged, the pictures are on their way, I promise!

So Moses and Sabrina exchanged vows a couple of weekends ago in Thornbury, Bristol. They then went on to Caldicot for their formals, and wedding reception! For couples who aren't sure, I do formals (posed family group shots) at all my weddings despite never showing them.

Moses and Sabrina are good friends of ours, it was a pleasure to be their wedding photographer and naturally there were some very familiar faces around!

He'll hate me dearly for saying this on here, but spare a thought for one of my best friends Nathanael; Sabrina's older brother who has just come out of brain surgery and is on the road to recovery!
Also, Sabrina's father is also having an operation on his nose!
There, you get pretty pictures, and Hornby health updates!

Enjoy these pictures please!

First port of call is Caroline, the Mother of the Bride looking wonderful!

Moses and his Dad.

Dan, the very best man.

Here's our Bride, Sabrina looked stunning!

Samual keeps an eye out for monsters, or something. Look how much he's grown!

David, Sabrina's father looked so proud!

I love these two pictures...

Bridesmaids; Melissa, Kim and Hayley all look on.

Nathanael, at this point, a brain surgery virgin!

Would you believe it? Caroline made this bouquet, her very first attempt! Incredible! If you need flowers, she's the one to call!

A freshly married couple! Lovely stuff!

I love this picture! Super cute!

Dan starts off lightly with his speech but soon resorts to ripping Moses to shreds.
He also explains why people call him Moses (his real name being Carl)

I love Sabrina's face here, watching her husband give his speech.

The ushers braved the elements for some special shots.

Find a broken Barbie scooter in a skatepark and the world is your oyster! Good sport, is our Moses!

The father daughter dance! I love Dave's eyes here!

The end!

Thank you Moses and Sabrina for letting me be with you all day, and also thank you for the "special food" (previous couples of mine know what an utter pain I am to feed)

I hope you enjoy your new lives together!

Keep an eye on the blog, I have plenty to show you very soon!

  1. Bianca May 27th, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Some more brilliant pictures Joe. I love the one of Sam on the look out for the monsters - fab! Sabrina looks stunning in all of them, what a beautiful bride and a really lovely day - captured perfectly in your pics.

  2. iris May 28th, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Hello Joseph!!!

    I just love your photos. I have sent emails to your email account , maybe you are too busy that I didn't get your reply. May I know whether you are avaliable at the end of this July ? Thanks a lot !!!

    Look forward to your reply.


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