Wedding! Luke and Jasmine in Craven Arms

June 29th, 2009

Right then… let’s get cracking!

As I said the oth­er day, we all knew that this would be a killer wedding!

I was lucky enough to be at Jas­mines house with her fam­i­ly whilst she was get­ting ready.
I always love the atmos­phere at the Brides house. So Elec­tric, but so fun. Rush­ing back and for­wards to the hair dressers, make up being done and girly music being blast­ed out. (no, I’m not a fan of the girly music, or make up for that matter)
Btw, the incred­i­ble Nao­mi from Angel Face Make up did Jas­mines make up

Its slight­ly dif­fer­ent at the grooms place. Fry-ups, Xbox, putting the rib­bon on the car, fail­ing to do a good job of putting the rib­bon on the car, tieing cra­vats, fail­ing to tie cra­vats with­out the aid of the inter­net, real­is­ing that they should of left the house 15 min­utes ago. All good stuff.

The advan­tage of this job is that you can step back from all the nerves and excite­ment and be more aware of the emo­tions, because you your­self aren’t actu­al­ly involved in the emo­tion, even though you might get caught with watery eyes… =)
It’s Fun!

A Clas­sic Cit­roen picked Jas­mine and her Dad, Mar­cus up and drove to the King­dom Hall of Jeho­vah’s Wit­ness­es in Craven Arms.
Now get this: We had to stop in a hous­ing estate because we realised that we were run­ning about 15 min­utes ear­ly! How many times has that happened?!

From the King­dom hall, the fresh and new Mr and Mrs Mor­gan along with a gor­geous Mrs Yarrow and Myself went to Stoke­say Cas­tle to do our lit­tle thing that we do.
That is a beau­ti­ful build­ing, and I hope I can shoot there again soon.

We then went back to the recep­tion in Craven Arms where Luke and Jas­mine were greet­ed with a rup­tious applause.
Then the Par­ty start­ed and they lived hap­pi­ly ever after.

Con­grat­u­la­tions Luke and Jasmine!

Enjoy these pic­tures, and leave a com­ment at the bottom!
All of the pic­tures can be viewed and pur­chased here
Luke and Jasmine-2
Luke and Jasmine-3
Luke and Jasmine-4
The back of Jas­mines silk wed­ding dress was laden with Swarovs­ki Crystals
Luke and Jasmine-5
Luke and Jasmine-6
Luke and Jasmine-7Luke and Jasmine-11
Luke and Jasmine-8
A bit of need­ed moral sup­port from Brides­maid and a reg­u­lar, Mel
Luke and Jasmine-9
Here’s Daddy
Luke and Jasmine-10

Luke and Jasmine-12
Luke and Jasmine-13
I don’t think this pic­ture will ever age.
Luke and Jasmine-14
In-case you did­n’t catch the teaser.
Luke and Jasmine-15
Luke and Jasmine-16
Luke and Jasmine-17
How’s this then for a proud Mum and Dad?
Luke and Jasmine-18
This book was packed with help­ful facts. There, I’ve writ­ten it now!
Luke and Jasmine-19
Luke and Jasmine-20
Luke and Jasmine-21
Luke and Jasmine-22
Jas­mine Rocks
Luke and Jasmine-23
Luke and Jasmine-24
“Wow, you’ve got some real­ly good look­ing friends Joseph” said Cindy, my pre­vi­ous bride!
Luke and Jasmine-25
Luke and Jasmine-26
Luke and Jasmine-27
Luke and Jasmine-28
Stoke­say Cas­tle Had bil­lions of beau­ti­ful wild flow­ers, so I think a lit­tle col­or is in order here
Luke and Jasmine-29
Luke and Jasmine-30
Luke and Jasmine-49
Luke and Jasmine-31
Look who it is everyone!!
Luke and Jasmine-32
OK…Marcus (Jas­mines Dad) is a bit of a dude when it comes to Origami.
This was the cen­tre piece for the top table, it was about the size of a small foot­ball and was assem­bled with no glue (true origa­mi uses no glue) If I remem­ber cor­rect­ly, Mar­cus asked for this very intri­cate design from a pol­ish (?) origa­mi expert, who designed it him­self, so he’s prob­a­bly only the sec­ond ever per­son to make this? Prob­a­bly
Now I’m real­ly pus­ing my mem­o­ry here…The whole ball is made up of 20? 24 pieces? (I’ve for­got­ten) and each piece took about 15 min­utes to make and inter­locks with the neigh­bour­ing piece.
After that very accu­rate descrip­tion, I expect all my blog read­ers to cre­ate this and send it me so I can judge them.
Luke and Jasmine-33
And then… (I know, there’s more)…on each table was this beau­ti­ful flo­ral cen­ter piece with ros­es and peonies and the like, but Mar­cus had made origa­mi ros­es and hid­den them inside for the guests to find and take home as gifts. We found one in our cen­ter piece that was kind­ly giv­en to us about 5 days after the wed­ding!! We were so pleased!! =)
Luke and Jasmine-34
Luke and Jasmine-35
Ben was the best man, well done Ben, and con­grat­u­la­tions on get­ting married!
Luke and Jasmine-36
Luke and Jasmine-37
I did­n’t have any, but appar­ent­ly, this cake was “off the chain”
Luke and Jasmine-48
Yes, this is relavent
Luke and Jasmine-38
OK..Usher time.
We have L>R
Mr Matthew Ives
Mr John Mark
Mr Tris­tan Khoo
Mr Luke “The Groom” Morgan
Mr Nathan Son­ny Lee
Mr “Hot” Ben
Mr Davy Flavell
Luke and Jasmine-39
Ok…You ready?
Check this out!
Luke and Jasmine-40
No, your eyes aren’t deciev­ing you, that pic­ture just happened!
Jas­mine and Luke chose “Your love gets Sweet­er” by Fin­ley Quaye, One of my favorite songs
Luke and Jasmine-41
India rocks out the Charleston.
Luke and Jasmine-42
If you were won­der­ing “Joseph, that pic­ture of Jas­mine and the ush­ers just looks too good to be true, sure­ly some­thing like that needs a whole team work­ing togeth­er to make it hap­pen?” Then you’d be right.
Thank you Dan.
On a dif­fer­ent note, after check­ing through this post for typos and things like that, I realised that I had­n’t actu­al­ly edit­ed the next two pic­tures. All that crazy blur is done com­plete­ly in cam­era, no pho­to­shop here.
Luke and Jasmine-43
It was great see­ing the kids dance just as hard as the big kids
Luke and Jasmine-44
Luke and Jasmine-45
Luke and Jasmine-46
A suit­able and rel­e­vant end­ing to the pic­tures I think!
Luke and Jasmine-47

Again, thank you Luke and Jas­mine for choos­ing me as your pho­tog­ra­ph­er, I felt blessed to be there and be an impor­tant part of your day.

  1. Tania Miller June 29th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Well done Joe — fab pics again!! Jas­mine looks utter­ly beau­ti­ful .… tis true — you have some very attrac­tive friends!! x

  2. Bianca June 30th, 2009 at 11:44 am

    What a fan­tas­tic wed­ding it was.…you’ve cap­tured an absolute­ly bea­tu­ti­ful day per­fect­ly Joe! Well done. Con­grats Jazzy-fiz­zle and Luca xxx

  3. Naf July 9th, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Awe­some job once again Joseph. I only just checked these out. I’m glad you left the one of the ush­ers and Jazz in colour. I think my favourite is no.30. The one with the daisies? and Jazz look­ing up. Be-a-utiful.

  4. The Nicholls Family July 14th, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Sor­ry we weren’t able to make the wed­ding, but thank you so much for allow­ing us to share in these beau­ti­ful wed­ding pho­tos. They were all mas­ter pieces. Pho­tos 24 & 28 look as if they were shot for a wed­ding mag­a­zine, but my favourite was no.30 ~ Jaz looked Angel­ic. X

  5. Pete July 21st, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Stun­ning set of pic­tures to be hon­est. Your use of neg­a­tive space is exem­plary and some­thing all pho­tog­ra­phers should note — this is how it is done.

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