Wedding! Luke and Jasmine in Craven Arms

June 29th, 2009

Right then... let's get cracking!

As I said the other day, we all knew that this would be a killer wedding!

I was lucky enough to be at Jasmines house with her family whilst she was getting ready.
I always love the atmosphere at the Brides house. So Electric, but so fun. Rushing back and forwards to the hair dressers, make up being done and girly music being blasted out. (no, I'm not a fan of the girly music, or make up for that matter)
Btw, the incredible Naomi from Angel Face Make up did Jasmines make up

Its slightly different at the grooms place. Fry-ups, Xbox, putting the ribbon on the car, failing to do a good job of putting the ribbon on the car, tieing cravats, failing to tie cravats without the aid of the internet, realising that they should of left the house 15 minutes ago. All good stuff.

The advantage of this job is that you can step back from all the nerves and excitement and be more aware of the emotions, because you yourself aren't actually involved in the emotion, even though you might get caught with watery eyes... =)
It's Fun!

A Classic Citroen picked Jasmine and her Dad, Marcus up and drove to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Craven Arms.
Now get this: We had to stop in a housing estate because we realised that we were running about 15 minutes early! How many times has that happened?!

From the Kingdom hall, the fresh and new Mr and Mrs Morgan along with a gorgeous Mrs Yarrow and Myself went to Stokesay Castle to do our little thing that we do.
That is a beautiful building, and I hope I can shoot there again soon.

We then went back to the reception in Craven Arms where Luke and Jasmine were greeted with a ruptious applause.
Then the Party started and they lived happily ever after.

Congratulations Luke and Jasmine!

Enjoy these pictures, and leave a comment at the bottom!
All of the pictures can be viewed and purchased here
Luke and Jasmine-2
Luke and Jasmine-3
Luke and Jasmine-4
The back of Jasmines silk wedding dress was laden with Swarovski Crystals
Luke and Jasmine-5
Luke and Jasmine-6
Luke and Jasmine-7Luke and Jasmine-11
Luke and Jasmine-8
A bit of needed moral support from Bridesmaid and a regular,  Mel
Luke and Jasmine-9
Here's Daddy
Luke and Jasmine-10

Luke and Jasmine-12
Luke and Jasmine-13
I don't think this picture will ever age.
Luke and Jasmine-14
In-case you didn't catch the teaser.
Luke and Jasmine-15
Luke and Jasmine-16
Luke and Jasmine-17
How's this then for a proud Mum and Dad?
Luke and Jasmine-18
This book was packed with helpful facts. There, I've written it now!
Luke and Jasmine-19
Luke and Jasmine-20
Luke and Jasmine-21
Luke and Jasmine-22
Jasmine Rocks
Luke and Jasmine-23
Luke and Jasmine-24
"Wow, you've got some really good looking friends Joseph" said Cindy, my previous bride!
Luke and Jasmine-25
Luke and Jasmine-26
Luke and Jasmine-27
Luke and Jasmine-28
Stokesay Castle Had billions of beautiful wild flowers, so I think a little color is in order here
Luke and Jasmine-29
Luke and Jasmine-30
Luke and Jasmine-49
Luke and Jasmine-31
Look who it is everyone!!
Luke and Jasmine-32
OK...Marcus (Jasmines Dad) is a bit of a dude when it comes to Origami.
This was the centre piece for the top table, it was about the size of a small football and was assembled with no glue (true origami uses no glue) If I remember correctly, Marcus asked for this very intricate design from a polish (?) origami expert, who designed it himself, so he's probably only the second ever person to make this? Probably
Now I'm really pusing my memory here...The whole ball is made up of 20? 24 pieces? (I've forgotten) and each piece took about 15 minutes to make and interlocks with the neighbouring piece.
After that very accurate description, I expect all my blog readers to create this and send it me so I can judge them.
Luke and Jasmine-33
And then... (I know, there's more)...on each table was this beautiful floral center piece with roses and peonies and the like, but Marcus had made origami roses and hidden them inside for the guests to find and take home as gifts. We found one in our center piece that was kindly given to us about 5 days after the wedding!! We were so pleased!! =)
Luke and Jasmine-34
Luke and Jasmine-35
Ben was the best man, well done Ben, and congratulations on getting married!
Luke and Jasmine-36
Luke and Jasmine-37
I didn't have any, but apparently, this cake was "off the chain"
Luke and Jasmine-48
Yes, this is relavent
Luke and Jasmine-38
OK..Usher time.
We have L>R
Mr Matthew Ives
Mr John Mark
Mr Tristan Khoo
Mr Luke "The Groom" Morgan
Mr Nathan Sonny Lee
Mr "Hot" Ben
Mr Davy Flavell
Luke and Jasmine-39
Ok...You ready?
Check this out!
Luke and Jasmine-40
No, your eyes aren't decieving you, that picture just happened!
Jasmine and Luke chose "Your love gets Sweeter" by Finley Quaye, One of my favorite songs
Luke and Jasmine-41
India rocks out the Charleston.
Luke and Jasmine-42
If you were wondering "Joseph, that picture of Jasmine and the ushers just looks too good to be true, surely something like that needs a whole team working together to make it happen?" Then you'd be right.
Thank you Dan.
On a different note, after checking through this post for typos and things like that, I realised that I hadn't actually edited the next two pictures. All that crazy blur is done completely in camera, no photoshop here.
Luke and Jasmine-43
It was great seeing the kids dance just as hard as the big kids
Luke and Jasmine-44
Luke and Jasmine-45
Luke and Jasmine-46
A suitable and relevant ending to the pictures I think!
Luke and Jasmine-47

Again, thank you Luke and Jasmine for choosing me as your photographer, I felt blessed to be there and be an important part of your day.

  1. Tania Miller June 29th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    Well done Joe - fab pics again!! Jasmine looks utterly beautiful .... tis true - you have some very attractive friends!! x

  2. Bianca June 30th, 2009 at 11:44 am

    What a fantastic wedding it've captured an absolutely beatutiful day perfectly Joe! Well done. Congrats Jazzy-fizzle and Luca xxx

  3. Naf July 9th, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Awesome job once again Joseph. I only just checked these out. I'm glad you left the one of the ushers and Jazz in colour. I think my favourite is no.30. The one with the daisies? and Jazz looking up. Be-a-utiful.

  4. The Nicholls Family July 14th, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Sorry we weren't able to make the wedding, but thank you so much for allowing us to share in these beautiful wedding photos. They were all master pieces. Photos 24 & 28 look as if they were shot for a wedding magazine, but my favourite was no.30 ~ Jaz looked Angelic. X

  5. Pete July 21st, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Stunning set of pictures to be honest. Your use of negative space is exemplary and something all photographers should note - this is how it is done.

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