Wedding! Jimmy and Louise at Clearwell Castle

December 30th, 2009

At the beginning of this month, I shot the wedding of Jimmy and Louise at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire.
If you didn't check out their Engagement shoot, make sure you do!

We had loads of fun in the fog and the cold on that day.
Unfortunately, Jimmy and Louise wern't exactly blessed with good weather for their wedding either, but what I love about Clearwell Castle is that if the weather is poor outside, then there are so many rooms to discover!
In fact, embarrassingly, I didn't realise that there was a downstairs to the castle, full of a dance floor and even more rooms!
I've always finished shooting before the dancing starts at the other Clearwell Castle weddings I've shot.
I much prefer these longer weddings, sure they're far more physically exhausting, but I enjoy it as I really get to know the guests and they get to know me.

This was the biggest wedding I've shot at Clearwell and certainly the most fun!
It was also my first Chinese wedding, so plenty of new sights I've not witnessed before, like the tea ceremony which I found fascinating!
I'd love to be there for their Chinese wedding in Hong Kong, it sounds loads of fun!

Friends and family flew in literally from all over the world to see Jimmy and Louise get married, so the atmosphere was amazing!

This was the last wedding of the year which is a bit sad, but I've had an incredible year.
I'll be posting some of my favorite images up on here later on in the week!

Thank you so much Jimmy and Louise for choosing me, I was so flattered!
Enjoy these pictures!

With light pouring in like this, you know it's going to be a good day!
And with this level of military precision, not much could of gone wrong!
So many friends and families flew over from Hong Kong.
This was just Jimmy's luggage though.
All day, there were smiles like this, everybody was so happy!
And so many cute faces!
Although, some were either clearly jet-lagged, or just not that crazy about weddings! 
Jimmy and his boys. 
Louise with her bridesmaids, Jo and Rachel.  
A few last minute tweaks!
On more than one occasion at Jimmy and Louise's wedding, I attempted to use other peoples camera flashes to enhance my own image.
I've never seen so many cameras at one wedding, so this was quite easy.
Also, the gentleman checking the image on the back of his 5d mk II is Bristol photographer Jordan Chung
And now the tea ceremony. It's a chance for the older members of the family and important relatives to give gifts and advice
I really took a shine to "Uncle Joe"... not sure he realised it though!
I don't know what this friend was saying but I'm sure its profound.
Glad I'm not washing up!
And so begins the toasting!
Another two not overly fussed by weddings! Or just knackered from jet lag!
Another use of other peoples camera flashes to get a cool cake cutting shot!
One of the smartest and cute kids was sat on my table.

And the lovely couple themselves!
Thank you so much Jimmy and Louise!
You could've chosen anyone to take your pictures, so I'm so grateful you chose me!

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