Wedding! Dave and Paula at Clearwell Castle

October 20th, 2009

As you may know, compared to allot of the photographers that I admire, seasoned professionals such as Jeff Ascough and the like, I am pretty new in the wedding photography business.

But it was still quite a surprise to me that this is the only reception venue that I've shot at before!
You'll remember Will and Cindy's wedding earlier this year if you're a regular reader. Dave and Paula had quite a similar wedding also at Clearwell Castle, but obviously at a completely different time of year. The trees at the moment are so beautiful, perfect for pictures!

As soon as I got out the car at Clearwell Castle, the smells hit me! At first I could smell whatever the guests were having for lunch which made my saliva glands go crazy, but the best smell was of burning wood, and as I walked into the castle I could see the open log fire crackling and it filled the whole room with this gentle warmth that wrapped around my cold face! Even throughout the day when I was shooting outside, the air was full of this amazing wintery smell!

I introduced myself to the staff, and then a very happy looking Dave came up to me and without being blase he had to be one of the most relaxed grooms I've ever met. I went upstairs to see Paula and she was equally relaxed whilst she was having her hair done by her best friend Claire. You can always tell if it'll be a relaxed day if the two most important people are relaxed, it was perfect!

Enjoy these pictures, hopefully it'll give you an idea of the feel of the day!

Megan, Dave and Paula's little girl holding onto Mummy's hand
The Bridal suite is incredible!
A smile like Dave's really sets the mood for the day!
I like this picture, I think its the fact that he is surrounded by these martini glasses, and he's just casually sipping his orange juice like a little dude.
And on the subject of long pictures with people sat on chairs, I present you with this;
I have to end with this one! Check this little man out!! He's almost as good looking and charming as me!

Congratulations Dave and Paula!
Me and Jessica hope that you have a really great time on your skiing honeymoon! (not jealous at all!!!!!!)

  1. paula October 22nd, 2009 at 9:23 am

    joseph these are fab pictures, it made me feel quite emotional seeing the one of megan holding my hand.
    So looking forward to seeing all the pictures.
    Thanks so much for taking our photo of our special day and making us feel so calm and relaxed.
    Paula and Dave

  2. Pauline Vines October 22nd, 2009 at 10:09 am


    You have captured a truly lovely day beautifully ! I think the message of happiness and love shines the fact that everyone is having a fantastic time !

  3. sharon preest October 23rd, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    a picture tells a story, the love the warmth the happiness of two special people . A very personal close wedding in such beautiful surroundings shared with those that really care. A truly wonderful day. Great natural pictures!

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