The Hunt.

July 29th, 2008

On Saturday, My brother had his 2nd, and long awaited treasure hunt.
It took him months to arrange and took place over 3 towns across north somerset.
It was so well organised that I really think that there is a market in them selling their hunts to local people.
Leave a comment if you're interested in trying something a little different to do on a weekend.

Phil had asked me to take pictures for him, but the whole day was so frantic with some real competition between the teams, there wasn't time to stop and take a picture of everything, I ended up keeping the camera in the boot.

It all ended well with the treasure held at a village hall with a hog roast and a "portisheads got talent" show.
The day after, we met up with Phil, and his wife, Hannah on the beach for a BBQ.
Check out the pictures:






I'll be away this weekend doing this engagement session with Sam and Esther in Cheshire.
Heres another picture of them to whet your appetite until I post some after the weekend.

Peace Out

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