The Fuss

Here's what some of my former Brides and Grooms have to say about me;

The photos Joe took on our wedding day were AMAZING - and I really love photography so I can be really hard to please!
We were both impressed with how Joseph managed to take so many photos without being in your face, half the time we didn't even notice he was there,  he was so inconspicuous which was brilliant.
It also impressed me how he has a good eye for the little things that make your wedding unique, things that people don't always notice or that you can forget with time Joseph captured so well on our day. We couldn’t have asked for any better.
Thank you Joseph.
Selena and Ben

We can't reccommend Joseph enough.  Whilst doing the shoot it felt too much like fun to think that we were going to get the amazing quality of image that we did from it.
Not just our photos but all the images we have seen on the web site have the rare ability to capture something truly essential about the subject and for that reason they are continually arresting.
Thank you Joseph!
Mark and Laura

We would completely recommend Joseph to anyone for their wedding photos. We loved our pictures and everyone we have shown them to has said that they are the best wedding photos that they have ever seen!
They have a very different feel to traditional wedding pictues and really capture the essence of people/places in shot- I feel like the pictures really chime with my memories and emotions on the day.
This is all the more amazing as Joseph is completely unobtrusive and I had no idea that he was taking most of them. That's great as it leaves you totally free to enjoy the day without spending ages away from your guests taking staged photos.
Joseph also a has really great manner- Neither of us are natural subjects and hate having our picture taken but Joseph somehow managed to put us at ease! We had an amazing day- thanks so much for capturing it perfectly Joseph!
Annie and Matt

There is only one word that I would use to describe Joseph's photography and that is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!
It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have Joseph as our photographer. He stepped in at short notice to do our wedding and we couldn't thank him enough. We were over the moon with the results. He was able to capture the moods and the events of the day perfectly and it is a joy to look back at them now!
Thanks a million Joseph
Mike and Jonica

This man is AMAZING! We couldn't have asked for better photos or photographer.
The detail in our photos, the colours, how he managed to capture every little part of the day was fantastic. The quality of the photography is by far the highest we have seen for a wedding photographer. Joseph was so natural (just how we wanted it, not in your face) and the whole day just felt so easy. It wasn't an added stress that sometimes the photos can be.  He fitted our needs and made sure we were relaxed and at ease, which we always were with Joseph behind the camera. We can't recommend Joseph enough to friends and family. If you want high quality natural photography this is your man.
Thanks Joseph.
Nathan and Vicky