Teaser! Ian and Grace’s Wedding

March 30th, 2009

I guess this post should be called “sor­ry for not post­ing on here for weeks, but here are two weeks worth of free wall­pa­per mon­days, and some more pic­tures from loads of oth­er shoots”.

That prob­a­bly does­n’t make much sense to some of the awe­some guests from Fri­day’s wed­ding read­ing this, but nev­er mind! =)‘

Ian and Grace’s wed­ding was a great affair! It was all around a real­ly fun day! Cool venue, food, guests and music!

I’ll post more about it with the rest of the pic­tures lat­er on in the week. If you were a guest at the wed­ding, do me a huge favor and spread the word about the blog!

Enjoy this lit­tle teas­er from Fri­day night!



Ian Grace Wedding-1

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