January 7th, 2010

A few more snow pictures today.
Yesterday it was incredible, but today it was so beautiful.
The snow was like dust, or sugar.
I just love the way it sparkled.
I just remembered that a few weeks ago on my facebook account, I posted some rules for the weather, they are as follows;

1 ) Snow, you can fall, but only at night
2 ) Clouds, you can go now (5-10 cirrus clouds can stay, scattered across the sky)
3 ) Sky, stay blue.
4 ) In the morning, Sun comes out and shines without melting the snow
5 ) Repeat step 1>4
6 ) Snow, you can stay on the ground and trees for 2-3 days (note: Snow should fall before kids break up from school to give them an extended holiday)
7 ) Temperature, remain at a steady 0 degrees to avoid ice making things annoying.
8 ) Snow, after staying for 2-3 days, you may now leave.
9 ) Repeat if required.
10 ) Summer.

So far in Bristol, pretty good!
Let's just hope it doesn't make things tricky for people.
Enjoy these pictures.
I was shooting around Blaise Castle Estate again as its only round the corner for me.
Bristol Snow-1-2
Bristol Snow-1
The ponds of course were totally frozen over.
Bristol Snow-2

Bristol Snow-3
Bristol Snow-4
Perhaps a little over sharpened, but I'm not looking for any awards here. This is just pure beauty don't you think?
Bristol Snow-5
Bristol Snow-6
I've realised today that I'm not really much of a landscape photographer which is fine by me as I've never claimed to be one.
I can appreciate a great scene when I see it, I just don't know how to capture it.
This is a wedding photography blog though, so just go easy on me, ok?
Bristol Snow-7
Bristol Snow-8Bristol Snow-9
I don't know if this is sweet or creepy...?
Bristol Snow-10
Bristol Snow-11Bristol Snow-12
So...yeh, this is a picture of me standing on a POND!!
This is the pond that we overlooked yesterday as seen on the 5th picture down here
Bristol Snow-13
Thanks for reading people!
I'd love to do a photoshoot in this snow, so if you're interested in an engagement shoot or a couples shoot, then contact me before the snow goes!


  1. Hannah January 7th, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Joe - one word... WOW!

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  3. Jonica February 6th, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Love the first one especially!!! Amazing as ever Joe!

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