January 5th, 2010

I'm not really one for new years resolutions, but I do have a few goals.
One of my goals for this year that I'll do my best to achieve is to blog more.
I'd say about 50% of my bookings I get are from word of mouth, the other 50% is from blogging.
People see that I've shot at a venue that they're getting married at, they can relate to the pictures and imagine themselves in the pictures, and they book me!

Now, blogging is fine when I've got plenty to blog about, but right now, things are still very slow.
I'm getting so many bookings coming in, but I can't post pictures of cheques or bank statements.
Bring on the summer! I really can't wait to shoot loads of weddings this year!

So to keep my goal, I need to find material to blog about.
So here goes...

In September Jessica, myself and some other friends travelled up to the Isle of Lewis for a holiday.

Here are some of the more scenic pictures from the trip.

We flew up to Glasgow, stayed overnight at a friends, then drove up to Ullapool.
Low cloud cover was the visual theme of the holiday and "Wow!!" seemed to be the word that came out of my mouth the most!
Incredible scenery!

You see some houses and you wonder what inspired them to build there.
Then the answer becomes obvious. They built there because it's beautiful
This was the first beach that we went to. The sand was a mixture of white, with black texture running through it from the pete.
As the black petey water ran into the sea, the sea was also black. Incredible.
Also, this beach was huge, and there were 3 other people on there.
Yes, I did get wet for this shot!
I'll be honest, some of the scenery was a little eerie.
Mainland Scotland was far more beautiful, and had far more trees.
The Isle of Lewis was so windy that trees just couldn't survive. Instead there were rocks
This was the windiest day that I've ever experienced, even windier than this photoshoot
The locals said to us that we were crazy for being out in this weather!
Incredible weather, and literally breathtaking. 


This was an amazing beach. Strange to have surf with mountains in the background.
I used to surf a little when I was younger but I'm not sure if this was normal...
The water was bitterly cold for me.
Thank goodness I had my boxers on!
I was a little short on friends, so I made a new one! Hi!
We visited the standing stones which are... well... stones that are standing.
It was an ancient burial ground.
I attempted a new photographic technique for this shot and was very happy with the shot.
Each of these stones was far taller than me
On the last night, we went for a little star gazing.
Last time I saw a sky like this was in Hawai'i.
We laid on the bonnet of the car and freezed our arse's off.
It was incredible!
We stayed in Ullapool which is on the mainland, this is where the ferry leaves from. This was our view from our youth hostel.

I hope you didn't mind me sharing this with you!
We had an incredible time!

Now I just have to find more to blog about!
Shall I publicly say on here that I'll try to post 1-2 times a week?

Let's go!

  1. Rory January 6th, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Hi Joseph,

    Nice one on the blogging - keep it up! I've been lurking here since last summer some time, and enjoy reading what you say as much as keeping an eye on what you are shooting. By the way you come next after Jeff Ascough and Joe McNally in my RSS feed, so you are in good company!

    You mentioned that you changed your equipment. What are you shooting now? Just wondering 'cos I was shooting the same as you for a while - D300 + Sigma 18-50 f2.8. I've recently switched to a Nikon 17-55 f2.8 cos I found the Sigma was letting me down too much in low light. First wedding with the Nikon is this coming Sat, so fingers crossed it was a good investment!

    Anyway, keep up the good work - I'm inspired by your success in the face of the current financial times! And your shots are great ...



  2. Joseph January 6th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Rory.
    Thanks for the comment, and to be listed next to Jeff and Joe (we're on first name terms!) is quite something! Both awesome photographers!
    I used to shoot with a 70-200 2.8, but found it too heavy as I'm only small, and quite an intimidating lens, I sold that I purchased a 50mm f1.4, and 85mm f1.8, a panasonic LX3 for ring shots and a set of pocket wizards!
    I'm really pleased with my change of equipment!
    I've got a bit of a love/dislike relationship with my 18-50. I'm hoping to go full frame this year so it does me well meanwhile! =)
    I'm sure you'll be blown away by the nikkor, I've only heard incredible things about it!
    Thanks again for the comment Rory! Means allot!


  3. Rory January 6th, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    I've been thinking about that 1.8 85 - maybe I'll trade the Sigma for it. Glad you're also in love / hate with the Sigma (not just me then!). I'm hoping to go down the D700 route by the end of the year, with the 300 as backup. I'll probably trade the 17-55 when the time comes. I hummed and hawed over it cos its DX, but I found one 2nd hand in Aperture in London (great shop), and its minty! Reckon I should get most of my money back when the time comes. Anyway, it's not the equipment, it's the eye that counts :-)


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