Photoshoot! Jimmy and Bianca

April 7th, 2009

Regular visitors to this blog might recognise this couple from an old post back in December.
Or, you might just know them anyway, you know, with them being an awesome couple and everything..

I've been a friend of Bianca's for many many years now, so shooting her wedding is a huge honor, she really does rock.
Slight bit of pressure here though, both her sister and mother are wedding photographers! Argh!

Then there is her man, Jimmy. A very talented chef and, as I was saying to Jess last night, he's just one of those genuinely happy guys. He loves life and he's absolutely crazy about Bianca, it's sweet to see.

They have a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere (a town called Knighton) so we went up with our friends, the Hornby's (Mel is a bridesmaid, and Naf is an usher) and had a general chilled out weekend.

Enjoy these pictures!
Oh, before I forget, Thank you so much to the Beadle Family for letting us shoot on your beautiful farm, we were so grateful!

Jimmy and Bianca E-session-1
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-3
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-4
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-5
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-6
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-7
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-8
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-9
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-10
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-11
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-12
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-13
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-14
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-15
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-16
Jimmy and Bianca E-session-2

  1. Tania Miller April 7th, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Awww fab pics Jo ... well done Boyo!! Jimmy looks about 12 as usual (just like his little brother)! I can already see you will make a superb job of the wedding pics - can't wait for the big day!! Look forward to seeing you x

  2. the beadle family April 9th, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    to the very nice photographer friend,what beautiful photographs. was very nice to meet you and your pictures are awesome,do u fancy doing a family portrait for us? looking forward to the wedding. we agree jim and bianca are a unique couple and we are very priviledged to have them in our congregation!!

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