One Day. The Barnes.

January 13th, 2014

The wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny is the stage for you to make grand state­ments about your love for anoth­er per­son in front of 100 people.

Home how­ev­er, is where you relax and where life hap­pens, the state­ments are on a small­er scale but are much more real.

As promised a lit­tle while back, I am now also a fam­i­ly photographer.
I will cov­er a day with your fam­i­ly in the same way that I would cov­er a wedding;
Com­plete­ly natural,
No posing,
No directing,
No interfering.

I call it Fam­i­ly Pho­to­jour­nal­ism because I can’t think of a bet­ter name.
(Sug­ges­tions on a post­card please)

Unlike oth­er pho­tog­ra­phers who spend one or two hours with your fam­i­ly, I spend the bet­ter por­tion of a day with you.
This way, your chil­dren get more used to me and begin to relax in front of the cam­era, result­ing in bet­ter pictures.

Please, if you’d love me to spend a day with your fam­i­ly con­tact me for more details.

For the very first day of Fam­i­ly Pho­to­jour­nal­ism, enjoy a day with Rox­ie and her Mum and Dad in Bath.
Rox­ie enjoys Mr Tum­ble, Petit Filous, puz­zles, eat­ing, Her baby, ice cream, and going to the park. (Jeal­ous much?)

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