Matt and Annie Engagement Shoot in Manchester!

August 13th, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I real­ly love the coun­try­side, I grew up in it and I love being sur­round­ed by nature and peace and qui­et, but there has always been a place in my heart for the city in small doses.

I love the city of Bris­tol for exam­ple, it’s one of the most chilled out cities in Eng­land in my opinion.

When Jes­si­ca and myself were dat­ing, we’d end up in Man­ches­ter most week­ends when I was up at hers and I’ve grown to love that city.

When Matt and Annie said that were get­ting mar­ried in Man­ches­ter-flip­pin-town­hall, to be hon­est, it did­n’t real­ly click with my brain that we’d end up doing a shoot in the city!
I’ve been dieing to do a shoot in Man­ches­ter in the ear­ly evening for years now, it’s full of incred­i­ble, almost impos­ing archi­tec­ture, grungy back alleys and ultra mod­ren glass and brushed steel box­es. I love it, and it’s dark sides remind me a bit of Blade Runner.
When we were look­ing for eachother to meet up, I could­n’t work out if I recog­nised this guy walk­ing towards me was a front man of a rock band, or the guest from a wed­ding I shot, it was of course the lat­ter, so we hit a pub, chat­ted about wed­dings and music and start­ed shooting.

I felt like quite the lit­tle Manc, just about know­ing my way around the city! =)

So Matt and Annie were an utter plea­sure to shoot, defi­nat­ly very high up there with my most fun cou­ples (no, i’m not com­pil­ing a spreadsheet)
Enjoy these (final­ly) urban pic­tures, and look out for their wed­ding very very soon!

Matt and Annie Engagement-1
Matt and Annie Engagement-2
Matt and Annie Engagement-3
Matt and Annie Engagement-4
Matt and Annie Engagement-5
Matt and Annie Engagement-6
Matt and Annie Engagement-7
Matt and Annie Engagement-8
I chal­lenge you to find some­one with a big­ger smile that Matts! It’s awesome!!
Oh, by the way, not that you can see it, but the build­ing in the back­ground is the place where they will be get­ting mar­ried on Saturday!
Matt and Annie Engagement-9
Can you believe that these guys haven’t watched Amer­i­c­as Next Top Mod­el? I think they lied to me!
Matt and Annie Engagement-11
Matt and Annie Engagement-12
Matt and Annie Engagement-13
A ran­dom key in the back­ground here…
I very rarely use my flash straight on, but I think with the choice of back­ground, and their facial struc­ture, I think it suit­ed them very well!
Matt and Annie Engagement-14
Matt and Annie Engagement-15
Matt and Annie Engagement-16
Matt and Annie Engagement-18
Matt and Annie Engagement-19
Annie has a slight Anne Hath­away look to her in my opin­ion. (I hope you don’t mind me say­ing that Annie!)
Matt and Annie Engagement-20

Matt and Annie Engagement-22
I think this could be my favorite from this series of images;
Matt and Annie Engagement-23
Yes, thank you Next for light­ing up your store need­less­ly bright at night, but next time, can you just take the signs down for me?
Matt and Annie Engagement-24
Matt and Annie Engagement-25
Matt and Annie Engagement-26
Matt and Annie Engagement-28
Thank you and goodnight!
Matt and Annie Engagement-29

I usu­al­ly learn some­thing from my shoots each time, either about my equip­ment, light­ing, myself, and also usu­al­ly I learn loads about the couple.
I’d say that this time, the les­son I learnt is that the train from Bris­tol gets into Man­ches­ter at 7pm, and then the last train back to Bris­tol is at 7 min­utes past 7…leaving me approx­i­mate­ly 7 min­utes to do a photoshoot.
I work fast =)…and Jes­si­cas fam­i­ly are also very good and putting me up at late notice! (Thanks Jo!)

Annie and Matt, you tru­ly were an absolute plea­sure to shoot with! I hope you both enjoyed your­self! I had a crack­ing time, and I now can’t wait to see you both on Saturday.

  1. Pete August 13th, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Stun­ning work and no mis­take mate. Absolute­ly brilliant!

  2. Sue August 14th, 2009 at 11:40 am

    I love the pho­tos Joseph and that you are not restrict­ing your­self to only one style but con­tin­u­ing to find new and excit­ing shoots. x

  3. Naf August 18th, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Cer­tain­ly one of my favourites yet, and i don’t even know the sub­jects! Many great pho­tos, i look for­ward to chat­ting to you about it.

  4. Rima (Occasion Photography) August 25th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Won­der­ful set of images, keep it up!

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