Jimmy and Louise Album Preview

Hi Jimmy, Hi Louise.

I hope you're both keeping well?
Please find on this webpage, your album layout.

Please look through it carefully and let me know if you're happy with everything.
Remember, this is your album that will live with you for the rest of your life, so if there is anything that you're not keen on, you need to tell me.

Some of the images here look pixelated.
Your album will not look like this, the pictures will be perfect quality.
You'll also notice that there are lines running throughout the spreads.
These lines will not be there in your album.
The blue line running through the middle simply shows where the centre fold will be.
The blue lines running over the top and both sides are a "bleed line". Anything past these blue lines is likely to be cut off. So on some spreads, the image will run to the very edge of the page, but on most spreads, the image will stop before it reaches the edge.

The package that you purchased was the Vente package.
This came with 25 spreads as standard, I have included 33 spreads in your album.
Each additional spread is £30.
You are under no obligation to buy these additional pages, so have a think about how you'd like your album to look.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you both soon.
Please scroll to the right to enjoy your spreads.

Talk soon.