Hel­lo, and thank you for fol­low­ing the link on your Jam!

I’m Joseph and my wife is Jessica.

We’re from the Bris­tol Speed­well Con­gre­ga­tion, sup­port­ing the sign lan­guage group.

There are only 12 of us in the group but we work real­ly hard.

Because we sup­port the sign lan­guage, we won’t be join­ing you at Twick­en­ham but instead we’ll be up in a city called Dudley.
We’ll still have the same pro­gramme but most of the talks will be in British Sign Language.

Dud­ley isn’t the pret­ti­est of cities, but the actu­al assem­bly hall is beau­ti­ful inside. It’s an old cin­e­ma and it’s oppo­site a zoo, so that’s pret­ty cool!

The sign lan­guage field is cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing mas­sive amounts of growth here in the UK, it’s all real­ly encour­ag­ing but there is a large amount of work to be done.

We can real­ly see Jehovah’s hand in our preach­ing work.


One of the family’s in our group recent­ly returned from the inter­na­tion­al assem­bly in Atlanta and were so impressed by the wel­come they received as well as all the good­ies!! So, the oth­er week­end we had a big craft day and Jes­si­ca helped the chil­dren make laven­der bags for you all!

I did what I could by play­ing with lego and tak­ing pictures!

Here’s the pic­tures to that event if you real­ly want

A lit­tle about ourself:

We’ve been mar­ried for 7 years this Octo­ber and were both raised in the truth.

Jes­si­ca was brought up around 200 miles away from me; In Eng­land, that would be con­sid­ered a long dis­tance relationship.

We’re the best of friends and real­ly enjoy each oth­ers com­pa­ny but still love meet­ing new broth­ers and sisters.

Jes­si­ca has recent­ly moved to self employ­ment to help her to aux­il­lary pio­neer and is enjoy­ing her first month, she also loves sewing and baking.

I’m 2 years old­er than Jes­si­ca, and I love music and photography.

(I’m the broth­er who was tak­ing pic­tures on the tour in Bath)

I enjoy arrang­ing walks for the younger broth­ers in my hall with a twist; We will often walk with fire torch­es at night or have a BBQ on a cliff top.

I’ve been learn­ing sign lan­guage for around 2 years and am lov­ing being some lev­el of help to the group!


We were rack­ing our lit­tle brains to come up with an idea for a gift to give to you broth­ers and sisters.

I then remem­bered that where I grew up was a Pick Your Own farm!

Inter­est­ing lit­tle fact: Just up the road is a mon­u­ment to William Tyn­dale, one of the men who is well known for his trans­la­tion of the Bible into Eng­lish. So off we went to pick straw­ber­ry’s to make your jam with!

Enjoy the pictures:

Obvi­ous­ly, because this is Eng­land and Sum­mer, it chucked it down! And so start­ed the cook­ing process. So much stir­ring. Remem­ber Jas­mine from your tour? Here she is with Jes­si­ca sewing some lit­tle key-rings for the del­e­gates!   And that’s our lit­tle story!
To be hon­est, the jam did­n’t come out how we want­ed, it’s a bit run­ny for our lik­ing, but we’ve done a lot of tast­ing and it’s pret­ty bril­liant. Pour it on what you want! If you’ve fol­lowed this link, please email us at josephyarrow@gmail.com or jessicayarrow@gmail.com.
Please let me know who you are, we’d love to befriend some new for­eign broth­ers and sis­ters. If we don’t meet again in this sys­tem, we’ll see you in the par­adise!! Lot’s of warm Chris­t­ian Love, your broth­er and sis­ter, Joseph and Jes­si­ca Yarrow.