Hello, and thank you for following the link on your Jam!

I’m Joseph and my wife is Jessica.

We’re from the Bristol Speedwell Congregation, supporting the sign language group.

There are only 12 of us in the group but we work really hard.

Because we support the sign language, we won’t be joining you at Twickenham but instead we’ll be up in a city called Dudley.
We'll still have the same programme but most of the talks will be in British Sign Language.

Dudley isn't the prettiest of cities, but the actual assembly hall is beautiful inside. It's an old cinema and it's opposite a zoo, so that's pretty cool!

The sign language field is currently experiencing massive amounts of growth here in the UK, it’s all really encouraging but there is a large amount of work to be done.

We can really see Jehovah’s hand in our preaching work.


One of the family’s in our group recently returned from the international assembly in Atlanta and were so impressed by the welcome they received as well as all the goodies!! So, the other weekend we had a big craft day and Jessica helped the children make lavender bags for you all!

I did what I could by playing with lego and taking pictures!

Here's the pictures to that event if you really want

A little about ourself:

We’ve been married for 7 years this October and were both raised in the truth.

Jessica was brought up around 200 miles away from me; In England, that would be considered a long distance relationship.

We’re the best of friends and really enjoy each others company but still love meeting new brothers and sisters.

Jessica has recently moved to self employment to help her to auxillary pioneer and is enjoying her first month, she also loves sewing and baking.

I’m 2 years older than Jessica, and I love music and photography.

(I’m the brother who was taking pictures on the tour in Bath)

I enjoy arranging walks for the younger brothers in my hall with a twist; We will often walk with fire torches at night or have a BBQ on a cliff top.

I’ve been learning sign language for around 2 years and am loving being some level of help to the group!


We were racking our little brains to come up with an idea for a gift to give to you brothers and sisters.

I then remembered that where I grew up was a Pick Your Own farm!

Interesting little fact: Just up the road is a monument to William Tyndale, one of the men who is well known for his translation of the Bible into English. So off we went to pick strawberry's to make your jam with!

Enjoy the pictures:

Obviously, because this is England and Summer, it chucked it down! And so started the cooking process. So much stirring. Remember Jasmine from your tour? Here she is with Jessica sewing some little key-rings for the delegates!   And that's our little story!
To be honest, the jam didn't come out how we wanted, it's a bit runny for our liking, but we've done a lot of tasting and it's pretty brilliant. Pour it on what you want! If you've followed this link, please email us at josephyarrow@gmail.com or jessicayarrow@gmail.com.
Please let me know who you are, we'd love to befriend some new foreign brothers and sisters. If we don't meet again in this system, we'll see you in the paradise!! Lot's of warm Christian Love, your brother and sister, Joseph and Jessica Yarrow.