Engagement Shoot! Yvonne and Matt in the New Forest

November 6th, 2009

So take a guess where Yvonne and Matt met me?
Yup, they also are friends of Debby and Craig from earlier this year!
If good money management were a skill of mine, goodness me, I'd be a millionaire because of them...and also perhaps the lottery which I don't play!

Matt is a professional bowman so he ends up travelling all over the world as part of a boat racing team. Yvonne also works in same industry so she gets to travel to some pretty incredible locations sometimes too.

So we met Yvonne and Matt in Matt's home town of Lymington. We were pretty late as some inconsiderate person decided to let their van catch fire on the M4 and by the time we arrived the light was fading very very fast and we were left with very little light to play with!

It was yet another shoot where I struggled on a technical level, but I learnt from it, so there's a silver lining behind every cloud!!
Yvonne and Matt were great company, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding this weekend!
I'll tell you more about them both when I blog their wedding pictures.
I'll also tell you how many wedding rings Matt has.
I'll give you a clue; it's not one.

Enjoy these pictures, and keep an eye out for their wedding pictures pretty soon!

Because these two are such a darned good looking couple, I can't actually show you their faces, instead, you'll see reeds.
Ok, you twisted my arm! Here's Yvonne!
Bristol Wedding Photographer
...and Matt. I really love these colors. They look so cool, yet also so warm!
Bristol Wedding PhotographerBlog-5Blog-6
These are all Matt's Boats...I think
Laughing so much your legs give way. It's the only way to laugh!
Can you say "Cheese"? All the best with living this one down Matt!
We used all different types of light on this shoot; shop windows, ambient light, and off camera strobes.
And in this case, we ended up in the middle of the New Forest on Halloween (which didn't scare me in the slightest, honest!) Jess held up the strobe to light their faces and the leaves, whilst Matt and Yvonne's car gave us some nice ambient which created a nice warm halo around them! Cool!
Thanks for being so much fun and hospitable guys! I'm really looking forward to shooting for you at the weekend!

  1. Brian Reid November 18th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Excellent engagement pictures I hope the wedding pics. are in the same category.
    Father of the bride to be.

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