Engagement Shoot! Sam And Esther

August 4th, 2008

At the weekend, we travelled up to Lancashire to visit Jessica's parents, but also as you know, to do a pre wedding shoot with Sam and Esther who are getting married on the 25th of August (this August), so as usual, expect to see some wedding pictures around that sort of time.

The Engagement shoot went well as you'll see in the pictures.
Just a word of advice though to any photographers who are looking into shooting weddings as a business. Always, ALWAYS do a pre wedding shoot.
Sam and Esther were very comfortable in each others company, but obviously quite nervous in front of the camera.

By the end of the shoot, just as the light was dwindling, they were acting like there was no photographer with a big lens peering through the grasses. They even treated me to a little dance show!

If I were to arrive at the wedding without doing a real shoot with them beforehand and expect them to be relaxed in front of the camera then I would of had a nasty surprise.

An E-session isn't just for the couple though. It relaxes me too. I'll learn what angles the couple look good from, what makes them laugh, and what they're willing, or not willing to try.

I just wish I could shoot from this angle all day!

If you're on the hunt for a photographer, don't waste your time on someone who isn't willing to incorporate an engagement session into their packages. Or if that isn't possible, look for a photographer who can just offer you an engagement session alone.  You'll really love it, they're really fun! (Depending on your photographer), and you'll probably be able to use some of the pictures in your wedding stationary ("Save the date" cards, "Thank you" cards etc)

Although I am currently based in Bristol, I shoot weddings in a photo-journalistic style throughout the UK, including Ireland.

  1. Phil Yarrow August 4th, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Nice post! Great Photos! Keep it up!

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