Engagement Shoot! Paul and Rebecca in Blackpool

October 15th, 2009

Paul and myself had spo­ken on the phone a few months back and he men­tioned to me that he’d love their engage­ment shoot done in Black­pool whilst the illu­mi­na­tions were on!
As soon as he sug­gest­ed it, I could already see what pic­tures I’d be get­ting, and I was so excit­ed to meet them!
Well, the shoot did­n’t go exact­ly to plan… No, that sounds awful actually!

Jes­si­ca and myself met them under Black­pool tow­er, and we were both pleas­ant­ly suprised!
“I hope that’s them over there Jess, they’re pret­ty good looking!”

We went for a drink to get to know eachother and I soon realised that Paul and Rebec­ca­’s wed­ding will be allot of fun!
They orig­i­nal­ly found me after they saw the wed­ding of Ian and Grace that I shot at Dav­en­port Green Hall, their same wed­ding venue!
We start­ed shoot­ing at 7 as that was when the lights came on.

Jes­si­ca used to come to Black­pool as a lit­tle girl on her hol­i­days, and loves the whole feel to it, Paul also loves Black­pool, but Rebec­ca and myself could­n’t quite see the attrac­tion! Still, we had a real­ly good time!

It was busy.
And when I say busy, I mean Xmas shop­ping on Oxford street “busy”

Also, it was windy.
And when I say windy, I mean 70mph winds sort of windy, and this is a sea­side resort, so we had sand whip­ping up all over the place, I’ve still got sand on one my lenses!

Hon­est­ly, this was one of the hard­est shoots I’ve ever done!
But, Rebec­ca and Paul and of course Con­nie their lit­tle girl were absolute troopers!
I real­ly got very few shots that I was hap­py with, so enjoy the few that i’m post­ing here!

We had a great time guys and we real­ly can’t wait for your wedding!

Just remem­ber that our offer of anoth­er engage­ment shoot in Man­ches­ter is still open!


Paul and Rebecca-1
“Hey, Joseph, How did you man­age to get that soft direc­tion­al light on Paul here?”
Good ques­tion! A big white bus was dri­ving along side us and I bounced my flash at the bus. I think all the peo­ple on the bus thought Paul was a famous male model!
Paul and Rebecca-2
Paul and Rebecca-3
Sec­onds before this pic­ture was tak­en, I decid­ed that I was­n’t hap­py with using a bare flash, so I got out my white stu­dio umbrella.…in 70mph winds.…I won’t be doing that again. One, because its stu­pid, and Two, because it buck­led in the wind so fast that all I could do was lit­er­al­ly screw it up into a ball and throw it away!
Paul and Rebecca-4
I real­ly love this last picture.
Paul and Rebecca-5

  1. Laura October 26th, 2009 at 8:39 pm


    These pic­tures are out­stand­ing. I’ve nev­er seen such cre­ativ­i­ty in wed­ding /engagement pho­tos before. Cant wait to for Rebec­ca and Paul’s wed­ding espe­cial­ly if they look this hot in jeans and jackets.… 

    Lau­ra (Rebec­ca­’s sister)

  2. Paul October 31st, 2009 at 10:33 am


    You are not wrong there mate, what an ordeal!!!

    Glad you got a few shots though — qual­i­ty over quantity!

    Seri­ous­ly, Rebec­ca and I are delight­ed not just with the shots and a mem­o­rable night, but with dis­cov­er­ing your tal­ent (by fluke real­ly brows­ing the ‘tin­ter­net one evening) and look­ing for­ward to it being a big part of our spe­cial day.

    A big thanky­ou to Jes­si­ca as well who was the star of the night(if you dont mind me say­ing so!).

    See you soon.…


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