Engagement Shoot! Paul and Rebecca in Blackpool

October 15th, 2009

Paul and myself had spoken on the phone a few months back and he mentioned to me that he'd love their engagement shoot done in Blackpool whilst the illuminations were on!
As soon as he suggested it, I could already see what pictures I'd be getting, and I was so excited to meet them!
Well, the shoot didn't go exactly to plan... No, that sounds awful actually!

Jessica and myself met them under Blackpool tower, and we were both pleasantly suprised!
"I hope that's them over there Jess, they're pretty good looking!"

We went for a drink to get to know eachother and I soon realised that Paul and Rebecca's wedding will be allot of fun!
They originally found me after they saw the wedding of Ian and Grace that I shot at Davenport Green Hall, their same wedding venue!
We started shooting at 7 as that was when the lights came on.

Jessica used to come to Blackpool as a little girl on her holidays, and loves the whole feel to it, Paul also loves Blackpool, but Rebecca and myself couldn't quite see the attraction! Still, we had a really good time!

It was busy.
And when I say busy, I mean Xmas shopping on Oxford street "busy"

Also, it was windy.
And when I say windy, I mean 70mph winds sort of windy, and this is a seaside resort, so we had sand whipping up all over the place, I've still got sand on one my lenses!

Honestly, this was one of the hardest shoots I've ever done!
But, Rebecca and Paul and of course Connie their little girl were absolute troopers!
I really got very few shots that I was happy with, so enjoy the few that i'm posting here!

We had a great time guys and we really can't wait for your wedding!

Just remember that our offer of another engagement shoot in Manchester is still open!


Paul and Rebecca-1
"Hey, Joseph, How did you manage to get that soft directional light on Paul here?"
Good question! A big white bus was driving along side us and I bounced my flash at the bus. I think all the people on the bus thought Paul was a famous male model!
Paul and Rebecca-2
Paul and Rebecca-3
Seconds before this picture was taken, I decided that I wasn't happy with using a bare flash, so I got out my white studio umbrella....in 70mph winds....I won't be doing that again. One, because its stupid, and Two, because it buckled in the wind so fast that all I could do was literally screw it up into a ball and throw it away!
Paul and Rebecca-4
I really love this last picture.
Paul and Rebecca-5

  1. Laura October 26th, 2009 at 8:39 pm


    These pictures are outstanding. I've never seen such creativity in wedding /engagement photos before. Cant wait to for Rebecca and Paul's wedding especially if they look this hot in jeans and jackets....

    Laura (Rebecca's sister)

  2. Paul October 31st, 2009 at 10:33 am


    You are not wrong there mate, what an ordeal!!!

    Glad you got a few shots though - quality over quantity!

    Seriously, Rebecca and I are delighted not just with the shots and a memorable night, but with discovering your talent (by fluke really browsing the 'tinternet one evening) and looking forward to it being a big part of our special day.

    A big thankyou to Jessica as well who was the star of the night(if you dont mind me saying so!).

    See you soon....


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