Engagement Shoot! Luke and Elise

April 16th, 2009

Hey guys!

My posts are so sporadic at the moment, I'm sorry. With moving house everything else takes a back seat!
Amazingly though, I made time to do a photoshoot with my recently engaged friends, Luke and Elise...Then even more amazingly, I managed to actually write this post up inbetween phone calls to BT! (booo!)

A couple of weeks ago, when they got engaged, I thought I would make a post about the good news but realised I only had pictures of Luke.
An engagement shoot would get rid of that problem, and so it did!

Don't expect to see any pictures of their wedding on here, I'm going to be an usher! Which is nice! Thanks Luke!

We shot on the Downs in Bristol and we were blessed with really great light, but it was pretty windy as you'll see in one of the 1st shots.

Congratulations Luke and Elise!

They now own this tree...
Luke and Elise E-Session-1
Luke and Elise E-Session-2
Luke always had a huge smile!
Luke and Elise E-Session-3
A Damian Lovegrove inspired shot...
Luke and Elise E-Session-4
And now a couple of just Elise..
Luke and Elise E-Session-5
Luke and Elise E-Session-6
Luke and Elise E-Session-7
Luke and Elise E-Session-8
Gotta use up that blossom before its gone!
Luke and Elise E-Session-9
Luke and Elise E-Session-10
Luke and Elise E-Session-11
Luke and Elise E-Session-12
Luke and Elise E-Session-13
I'd kill to have a jaw line like Luke's!
Luke and Elise E-Session-14
If in doubt, do a silhouette!...I wasn't in doubt, but I did one anyways, its just how I roll...
Luke and Elise E-Session-15
Mmmm, Happy hour!
Luke and Elise E-Session-16
Luke and Elise E-Session-17
Luke and Elise E-Session-18

So yeh, we had fun. Thanks allot guys for letting me shoot you, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

If you (the people that aren't Luke and Elise)...want a shoot like this, just contact me. As you can see we have loads of fun and you end up with a plethora of sexycool pictures :)


  1. Nikole April 17th, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Love the yellows and the greens. These are goregous pictures.

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