Engagement Shoot! Luke and Elise

April 16th, 2009

Hey guys!

My posts are so spo­radic at the moment, I’m sor­ry. With mov­ing house every­thing else takes a back seat!
Amaz­ing­ly though, I made time to do a pho­to­shoot with my recent­ly engaged friends, Luke and Elise…Then even more amaz­ing­ly, I man­aged to actu­al­ly write this post up inbe­tween phone calls to BT! (booo!)

A cou­ple of weeks ago, when they got engaged, I thought I would make a post about the good news but realised I only had pic­tures of Luke.
An engage­ment shoot would get rid of that prob­lem, and so it did!

Don’t expect to see any pic­tures of their wed­ding on here, I’m going to be an ush­er! Which is nice! Thanks Luke!

We shot on the Downs in Bris­tol and we were blessed with real­ly great light, but it was pret­ty windy as you’ll see in one of the 1st shots.

Con­grat­u­la­tions Luke and Elise!

They now own this tree…
Luke and Elise E-Session-1
Luke and Elise E-Session-2
Luke always had a huge smile!
Luke and Elise E-Session-3
A Dami­an Love­grove inspired shot…
Luke and Elise E-Session-4
And now a cou­ple of just Elise..
Luke and Elise E-Session-5
Luke and Elise E-Session-6
Luke and Elise E-Session-7
Luke and Elise E-Session-8
Got­ta use up that blos­som before its gone!
Luke and Elise E-Session-9
Luke and Elise E-Session-10
Luke and Elise E-Session-11
Luke and Elise E-Session-12
Luke and Elise E-Session-13
I’d kill to have a jaw line like Luke’s!
Luke and Elise E-Session-14
If in doubt, do a silhouette!…I was­n’t in doubt, but I did one any­ways, its just how I roll…
Luke and Elise E-Session-15
Mmmm, Hap­py hour!
Luke and Elise E-Session-16
Luke and Elise E-Session-17
Luke and Elise E-Session-18

So yeh, we had fun. Thanks allot guys for let­ting me shoot you, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

If you (the peo­ple that aren’t Luke and Elise)…want a shoot like this, just con­tact me. As you can see we have loads of fun and you end up with a pletho­ra of sexy­cool pictures :)


  1. Nikole April 17th, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Love the yel­lows and the greens. These are gore­gous pictures.

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