Engagement Shoot! Jimmy and Louise in Bath

November 9th, 2009

Jimmy and Louise are another one of my fantastic couples whose wedding I can't wait to shoot!
As they're not from the local area, Jimmy suggested that we meet up in Bath. At first, that sounded a little strange considering the distance they would of had to drive, but after getting to know them both, it made perfect sense. I concluded that the reason Jimmy chose Bath was that he had never been before! A good enough reason for me!

Louise really compliments Jimmy, she's a smart and sweet girl and goes perfectly with her future husband!
Jimmy likes to explore new places he's never been before, wether he's holding Louise's hand whilst looking for little side streets on holiday, or cycling, or rock climbing! I'm sure Louise will take care of him!

This was my first morning engagement shoot, which was a little odd for me as I usually try to revolve it around sunset. It was very foggy Unfortunately, none of these pictures show the fog as my camera is just too good!! Nah, I joke, there simply wasn't any in the city!
But it was very cold! It could have been worse though, it could of been raining!

Anyway, we had fun. I know I say this all the time, but these engagement shoots are really good fun! I think it's very important to have a little shoot like ours before your wedding day, especially for someone like Louise who doesn't enjoy her picture taken. When her wedding day comes next month, she'll be a natural infront of the camera!
It's also great to just have a little jolly around somewhere you wouldn't usually go and get away from all the wedding pressures!

Enjoy Jimmy and Louise's pictures and remember to look out for their wedding pictures next month! They're getting married at Clearwell Castle which is quickly becoming a regular hangout place. It's the last wedding of the year too!!.... so far!
Enjoy these pictures from our engagement shoot in Bath!

We started off in a location that I've wanted to shoot in forever, and I'm still desperate to go back, but I don't want to spoil the magic of it!

You can really see Jimmy always looking after Louise.
The great things about cities is the diversity of places to shoot, ultra modern graffiti in a city that is now a world heritage site!
They're a really cool couple! Their wedding will be loads of fun!
BIG thanks to Anemone Flowers who let us shoot in their stall for a couple of minutes!
I love the contrast here! Also, Jimmy likes his horror films so he was quite happy. Louise is more of a good book/chick flick girl!
Autumn is such a great time, but it just seems to pass so quickly!
I love this picture of them both though, its a little bit sexy, but very classic too.
This might be the cheesiest shot I've done, but hey! It's all good fun really!
Louise and Jimmy are somewhere down there!
And I'll finish with this sneeky little shot! I love the light in this, and the lines leading up to them!

So thats about it!
We had fun, but in Bath its very easy. It's such a beautiful city. Jessica and myself agreed that it was our favorite city and could easily live there.
Maybe one day hey?!

Remember to look out for Jimmy and Louise's Wedding pictures at Clearwell Castle on the blog soon!

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