Engagement Shoot! Jimmy and Louise in Bath

November 9th, 2009

Jim­my and Louise are anoth­er one of my fan­tas­tic cou­ples whose wed­ding I can’t wait to shoot!
As they’re not from the local area, Jim­my sug­gest­ed that we meet up in Bath. At first, that sound­ed a lit­tle strange con­sid­er­ing the dis­tance they would of had to dri­ve, but after get­ting to know them both, it made per­fect sense. I con­clud­ed that the rea­son Jim­my chose Bath was that he had nev­er been before! A good enough rea­son for me!

Louise real­ly com­pli­ments Jim­my, she’s a smart and sweet girl and goes per­fect­ly with her future husband!
Jim­my likes to explore new places he’s nev­er been before, wether he’s hold­ing Louise’s hand whilst look­ing for lit­tle side streets on hol­i­day, or cycling, or rock climb­ing! I’m sure Louise will take care of him!

This was my first morn­ing engage­ment shoot, which was a lit­tle odd for me as I usu­al­ly try to revolve it around sun­set. It was very fog­gy Unfor­tu­nate­ly, none of these pic­tures show the fog as my cam­era is just too good!! Nah, I joke, there sim­ply was­n’t any in the city!
But it was very cold! It could have been worse though, it could of been raining!

Any­way, we had fun. I know I say this all the time, but these engage­ment shoots are real­ly good fun! I think it’s very impor­tant to have a lit­tle shoot like ours before your wed­ding day, espe­cial­ly for some­one like Louise who does­n’t enjoy her pic­ture tak­en. When her wed­ding day comes next month, she’ll be a nat­ur­al infront of the camera!
It’s also great to just have a lit­tle jol­ly around some­where you would­n’t usu­al­ly go and get away from all the wed­ding pressures!

Enjoy Jim­my and Louise’s pic­tures and remem­ber to look out for their wed­ding pic­tures next month! They’re get­ting mar­ried at Clear­well Cas­tle which is quick­ly becom­ing a reg­u­lar hang­out place. It’s the last wed­ding of the year too!!.… so far!
Enjoy these pic­tures from our engage­ment shoot in Bath!

We start­ed off in a loca­tion that I’ve want­ed to shoot in for­ev­er, and I’m still des­per­ate to go back, but I don’t want to spoil the mag­ic of it!

You can real­ly see Jim­my always look­ing after Louise.
The great things about cities is the diver­si­ty of places to shoot, ultra mod­ern graf­fi­ti in a city that is now a world her­itage site!
They’re a real­ly cool cou­ple! Their wed­ding will be loads of fun!
BIG thanks to Anemone Flow­ers who let us shoot in their stall for a cou­ple of minutes!
I love the con­trast here! Also, Jim­my likes his hor­ror films so he was quite hap­py. Louise is more of a good book/chick flick girl!
Autumn is such a great time, but it just seems to pass so quickly!
I love this pic­ture of them both though, its a lit­tle bit sexy, but very clas­sic too.
This might be the cheesi­est shot I’ve done, but hey! It’s all good fun really!
Louise and Jim­my are some­where down there!
And I’ll fin­ish with this sneeky lit­tle shot! I love the light in this, and the lines lead­ing up to them!

So thats about it!
We had fun, but in Bath its very easy. It’s such a beau­ti­ful city. Jes­si­ca and myself agreed that it was our favorite city and could eas­i­ly live there.
Maybe one day hey?!

Remem­ber to look out for Jim­my and Louise’s Wed­ding pic­tures at Clear­well Cas­tle on the blog soon!

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