Best of 2009

January 4th, 2010

So I'm a little late posting this, I know, I'm sorry about that.

I've loved 2009, I've met some incredible people, learnt some good lessons, ate some wonderful food, attempted to dance with the best dancers to the worst and best music, seen some incredible bands and taken some killer pictures.

I can't wait to get wait to shoot my first wedding of 0'10.
It already promises to be an even more successful year than '09.

Thank you to all my brides and grooms who have chosen me over other photographers, I've really enjoyed meeting you all and getting to know you.
We've had fun.

And finally, thank you to my amazing wife. None of this would of been possible.
You really have no idea how patient she is with me!

Enjoy my look back at 09.

First, I shot our close friends, the Hornby's as an anniversary present for their parents.
Gorgeous weather in Bristol on that day!
Look out for Sabrina, she's just booked me for her wedding this year!
Then came the wedding of Debby and Craig, this was a biggy for me for many reasons.
I can't believe this was in 09! It feels like years ago!
Mark and Laura are a wonderful couple, I loved shooting them.
This is my brother Phil, and his wife, Hannah.
They're allot of fun and awesome family to have.
This shoot was a little embarrassing for me as I had to tell my brother how to kiss photogenically! Mmmm!
Then came a really great wedding!
Ian and Grace
This by far though was one of my favorite ever bride portraits.
(I was also very pleased with the edit!)
Bianca and Jimmy came next, I did an engagement shoot with them in Knighton. For those who don't know where Knighton is, it's no where near anything.
Bianca and Jimmy are great friends of ours, I was really looking forward to shooting their wedding!
I did a few child portraits around Bristol, mostly in the Ashton court grounds.
Then a Bristol photoshoot with this couple, Mark and Laura are allot of fun to be around.
Then their wedding came, I forget now but by the looks of it, the photoshoot was either 1 or 2 days before the wedding!
A great wedding, and a beautiful bride.
Some familiar faces in there? I should think so! And look out for Rowan in the middle here, I'm shooting his wedding this year too!
Paul and Cassie, what a great couple and super good looking too! People like this make my job very easy.
Another engagement shoot where the wedding was just a couple of days later...

By Far, my favorite groomsmen portrait of '09.
I would never usually edit an image like this, but with such awesome faces, I had to push it to the extreme.
Without the expressions, this picture would be a flop.
FYI, I had a bride book me because of this picture.
Right, I've been looking forward to posting this one. For sure, a favorite engagement shoot. This was text book.
1) Luke and Jasmine both put allot of effort into looking good for their shoot.
2) Both start the shoot quite nervous.
3) But, chose some great locations with personal attachments
4) Light was perfect
5) Did a little trespassing
6) By the end of the shoot, I'm sure Luke and Jasmine forgot I was taking pictures, they felt so relaxed.
7) Shot roughly the same amount of images on this shoot as what I do at an average wedding.
Bianca and Jimmy's Wedding. Loads of fun!
Another experimental groomsmen shot.
Then my first wedding of many at Clearwell Castle. Thanks Will and Cindy
Luke and Jasmine got married. Of course, with one of my famous Joseph Yarrow Engagement shoots, Jasmine and Luke were totally relaxed in front of the camera! Book now!
Then a really fun Engagement shoot in Badminton with Adam and Lucy. Their wedding is in the summer. Remember that season?
Then I tried something that I've not really done before. A baby shoot. Harvey was easy to shoot, as were his parents, Becki and Ben.
Looking forward to doing a few more baby shoots this year.
Certainly one of my favorite shots from the shoot.
Followed by an engagement shoot in Sheffield!
And a wedding at Clifton Mansion house in Bristol. I can't wait to shoot there again this year!
This also was a text book shoot!
Great looking couple.
Awesome locations.
Both started off nervous.
Ended up dancing by the end.
True story
A few weeks before, I had been inspired to change my equipment to make my pictures better.
This part of the shoot was at dusk... well into dusk actually. This was shot with totally natural flash.
I was nervous about changing my equipment, but shots like this made me confident that I had made the right choice.
I'll keep this one short and sweet.
I was contacted by this lady, she asked me to take some pictures of her and her husband in their wedding attire for the wedding anniversary.
Sure, no problem at all, but why?
She was so disappointed in her images that she had to have them done again.
I hear this sort of things very often.
Do not book a photographer that you're not sure about.
I personally know people who have cried because their wedding pictures were appalling.
Your wedding pictures are one of the only things left from your wedding, so don't mess around.
This shoot was allot of fun!
Matt and Annie got married.
Hands down, one of my favorite weddings of '09.
You should of been there!
I don't think I'm doing this couples wedding, but they were guests at a wedding that I also was a guest at. Tried my best not to be an Uncle Bob
Got this great shot of Jessica with her two brothers Micah and Keir
Strictly speaking, I didn't take these pictures. Jessica did, so although I set up the lighting and camera, she takes full credit for the shots.
Unfortunately, she doesn't plan on taking any more shots as she doesn't think she's good enough! Crazy I know, but I think we'll do a few baby shoots together, with Jessica entertaining and assisting!
Amazing weren't they!!?

Really looking forward to Chris and Victoria's wedding in March, that's going to be allot of fun.
This shoot was loads of fun!
On my way up to this wedding, I got an email from the WPJA saying that they wanted me to join their organisation.
This was the best wedding/business related news I was given all year.
I was so glad that I could shoot a wedding the very next day!
Thanks for booking me Andy and Julia!
Hands down, the hardest engagement shoot with Paul and Rebecca.
We had so much fun though!
Another wedding at Clearwell Castle. Thank you Dave and Paula!
Nathan and Vicky's wedding came next. Fun!
Matt and Yvonne had an engagement shoot by the harbor. It was here that I realised that the evenings were getting darker, so this shoot was quite a challenge for me. Great couple though, they made it much easier.
Jimmy and Louise chose our favorite city of Bath for their engagement shoot!
Another text book shoot!
Then Matt and Yvonne got married!Blog-71Blog-72
Nothing...I repeat Nothing, beats the expression of the guy behind Yvonne! Brilliant!
Then for my last wedding of the year, Jimmy and Louise got married at Clearwell Castle.


That was a busy year on reflection!
My original draft of this blog had about 200 pictures in!

A huge thank you goes to all my Bride and Grooms, past and future.
You've treated me like a King and I've eaten like one (Although I'm sorry I'm so hard to feed with my food intolerances!)
Thank you also to all the great comments on my blog, I love receiving them, they always make me feel so great!

Keep on visiting and commenting!
I can't wait for this year to get moving!

  1. Nat Howard (Cheltenham) January 7th, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Hey - I pop into your website every so often to see your latest stuff and seriously dude - your work is SOOOoo editorial!!I love it - i love looking at the pics and I don't know half the people on there - sign of a good artist!!

  2. James Pearson January 21st, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    What an amazing year - a seriously stunning collection of photographs. I look forward to loads more this year, keep up the great work!

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