Best of 2009

January 4th, 2010

So I’m a lit­tle late post­ing this, I know, I’m sor­ry about that.

I’ve loved 2009, I’ve met some incred­i­ble peo­ple, learnt some good lessons, ate some won­der­ful food, attempt­ed to dance with the best dancers to the worst and best music, seen some incred­i­ble bands and tak­en some killer pictures.

I can’t wait to get wait to shoot my first wed­ding of 0’10.
It already promis­es to be an even more suc­cess­ful year than ’09.

Thank you to all my brides and grooms who have cho­sen me over oth­er pho­tog­ra­phers, I’ve real­ly enjoyed meet­ing you all and get­ting to know you.
We’ve had fun.

And final­ly, thank you to my amaz­ing wife. None of this would of been possible.
You real­ly have no idea how patient she is with me!

Enjoy my look back at 09.

First, I shot our close friends, the Horn­by’s as an anniver­sary present for their parents.
Gor­geous weath­er in Bris­tol on that day!
Look out for Sab­ri­na, she’s just booked me for her wed­ding this year!
Then came the wed­ding of Deb­by and Craig, this was a big­gy for me for many reasons. 
I can’t believe this was in 09! It feels like years ago!
Mark and Lau­ra are a won­der­ful cou­ple, I loved shoot­ing them.
This is my broth­er Phil, and his wife, Hannah.
They’re allot of fun and awe­some fam­i­ly to have.
This shoot was a lit­tle embar­rass­ing for me as I had to tell my broth­er how to kiss pho­to­geni­cal­ly! Mmmm! 
Then came a real­ly great wedding!
Ian and Grace
This by far though was one of my favorite ever bride portraits.
(I was also very pleased with the edit!) 
Bian­ca and Jim­my came next, I did an engage­ment shoot with them in Knighton. For those who don’t know where Knighton is, it’s no where near anything.
Bian­ca and Jim­my are great friends of ours, I was real­ly look­ing for­ward to shoot­ing their wedding!
I did a few child por­traits around Bris­tol, most­ly in the Ash­ton court grounds.
Then a Bris­tol pho­to­shoot with this cou­ple, Mark and Lau­ra are allot of fun to be around.
Then their wed­ding came, I for­get now but by the looks of it, the pho­to­shoot was either 1 or 2 days before the wedding!
A great wed­ding, and a beau­ti­ful bride.
Some famil­iar faces in there? I should think so! And look out for Rowan in the mid­dle here, I’m shoot­ing his wed­ding this year too! 
Paul and Cassie, what a great cou­ple and super good look­ing too! Peo­ple like this make my job very easy.
Anoth­er engage­ment shoot where the wed­ding was just a cou­ple of days later…

By Far, my favorite grooms­men por­trait of ’09.
I would nev­er usu­al­ly edit an image like this, but with such awe­some faces, I had to push it to the extreme.
With­out the expres­sions, this pic­ture would be a flop.
FYI, I had a bride book me because of this picture.
Right, I’ve been look­ing for­ward to post­ing this one. For sure, a favorite engage­ment shoot. This was text book.
1) Luke and Jas­mine both put allot of effort into look­ing good for their shoot.
2) Both start the shoot quite nervous.
3) But, chose some great loca­tions with per­son­al attachments
4) Light was perfect
5) Did a lit­tle trespassing
6) By the end of the shoot, I’m sure Luke and Jas­mine for­got I was tak­ing pic­tures, they felt so relaxed.
7) Shot rough­ly the same amount of images on this shoot as what I do at an aver­age wedding.
Bian­ca and Jim­my’s Wed­ding. Loads of fun!
Anoth­er exper­i­men­tal grooms­men shot.
Then my first wed­ding of many at Clear­well Cas­tle. Thanks Will and Cindy
Luke and Jas­mine got mar­ried. Of course, with one of my famous Joseph Yarrow Engage­ment shoots, Jas­mine and Luke were total­ly relaxed in front of the cam­era! Book now! 
Then a real­ly fun Engage­ment shoot in Bad­minton with Adam and Lucy. Their wed­ding is in the sum­mer. Remem­ber that season?
Then I tried some­thing that I’ve not real­ly done before. A baby shoot. Har­vey was easy to shoot, as were his par­ents, Bec­ki and Ben.
Look­ing for­ward to doing a few more baby shoots this year.
Cer­tain­ly one of my favorite shots from the shoot.
Fol­lowed by an engage­ment shoot in Sheffield!
And a wed­ding at Clifton Man­sion house in Bris­tol. I can’t wait to shoot there again this year!
This also was a text book shoot!
Great look­ing couple.
Awe­some locations.
Both start­ed off nervous.
End­ed up danc­ing by the end.
True story
A few weeks before, I had been inspired to change my equip­ment to make my pic­tures better.
This part of the shoot was at dusk… well into dusk actu­al­ly. This was shot with total­ly nat­ur­al flash.
I was ner­vous about chang­ing my equip­ment, but shots like this made me con­fi­dent that I had made the right choice.
I’ll keep this one short and sweet.
I was con­tact­ed by this lady, she asked me to take some pic­tures of her and her hus­band in their wed­ding attire for the wed­ding anniversary.
Sure, no prob­lem at all, but why?
She was so dis­ap­point­ed in her images that she had to have them done again.
I hear this sort of things very often.
Do not book a pho­tog­ra­ph­er that you’re not sure about.
I per­son­al­ly know peo­ple who have cried because their wed­ding pic­tures were appalling.
Your wed­ding pic­tures are one of the only things left from your wed­ding, so don’t mess around.
This shoot was allot of fun!
Matt and Annie got married.
Hands down, one of my favorite wed­dings of ’09.
You should of been there!
I don’t think I’m doing this cou­ples wed­ding, but they were guests at a wed­ding that I also was a guest at. Tried my best not to be an Uncle Bob
Got this great shot of Jes­si­ca with her two broth­ers Mic­ah and Keir
Strict­ly speak­ing, I did­n’t take these pic­tures. Jes­si­ca did, so although I set up the light­ing and cam­era, she takes full cred­it for the shots.
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, she does­n’t plan on tak­ing any more shots as she does­n’t think she’s good enough! Crazy I know, but I think we’ll do a few baby shoots togeth­er, with Jes­si­ca enter­tain­ing and assisting! 
Amaz­ing weren’t they!!?

Real­ly look­ing for­ward to Chris and Vic­to­ri­a’s wed­ding in March, that’s going to be allot of fun.
This shoot was loads of fun!
On my way up to this wed­ding, I got an email from the WPJA say­ing that they want­ed me to join their organisation.
This was the best wedding/business relat­ed news I was giv­en all year.
I was so glad that I could shoot a wed­ding the very next day!
Thanks for book­ing me Andy and Julia!
Hands down, the hard­est engage­ment shoot with Paul and Rebecca.
We had so much fun though!
Anoth­er wed­ding at Clear­well Cas­tle. Thank you Dave and Paula! 
Nathan and Vick­y’s wed­ding came next. Fun!
Matt and Yvonne had an engage­ment shoot by the har­bor. It was here that I realised that the evenings were get­ting dark­er, so this shoot was quite a chal­lenge for me. Great cou­ple though, they made it much easier.
Jim­my and Louise chose our favorite city of Bath for their engage­ment shoot!
Anoth­er text book shoot!
Then Matt and Yvonne got married!Blog-71Blog-72
Nothing…I repeat Noth­ing, beats the expres­sion of the guy behind Yvonne! Brilliant!
Then for my last wed­ding of the year, Jim­my and Louise got mar­ried at Clear­well Castle.


That was a busy year on reflection!
My orig­i­nal draft of this blog had about 200 pic­tures in!

A huge thank you goes to all my Bride and Grooms, past and future.
You’ve treat­ed me like a King and I’ve eat­en like one (Although I’m sor­ry I’m so hard to feed with my food intolerances!)
Thank you also to all the great com­ments on my blog, I love receiv­ing them, they always make me feel so great!

Keep on vis­it­ing and commenting!
I can’t wait for this year to get moving!

  1. Nat Howard (Cheltenham) January 7th, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    Hey — I pop into your web­site every so often to see your lat­est stuff and seri­ous­ly dude — your work is SOOOoo editorial!!I love it — i love look­ing at the pics and I don’t know half the peo­ple on there — sign of a good artist!!

  2. James Pearson January 21st, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    What an amaz­ing year — a seri­ous­ly stun­ning col­lec­tion of pho­tographs. I look for­ward to loads more this year, keep up the great work!

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