2 Weeks Off.

November 15th, 2008

Whilst my blog has been inac­tive, Jes­si­ca and Myself cel­e­brat­ed a year of marriage!
We mar­ried eachother on the 26th of Octo­ber up in Lancashire.
We had an amaz­ing wed­ding with all our best friends and our family.

To cel­e­brate, Jess booked two weeks off work, which was per­fect! Just what we needed.
We got up to all sorts, it was bril­liant! We did­n’t do as much as what we want­ed to as we both had the cold that every­one seems to have at the moment.
I think the best thing we did was vis­it­ing Ther­mae Bath Spa for a twi­light ses­sion. Along with allot more, they have a rooftop pool with real­ly warm water. As the cold air hits the warm water, lots of steam comes off and it’s an amaz­ing site!
The deal clinch­er though, was that it was fire­work night, and there was a mas­sive fire­works dis­play over the city next to the cathe­dral, and we had the best view ever (which was often momen­tar­i­ly interupt­ed by the steam) It was a fan­tas­tic experience!
If you live local­ly, make sure you’re there next year! You will not regret it!! And you’ll see us there too, I’m sure!
Next time we’re there, I’ll try to smug­gle a water­proof cam­era in!

We had some real­ly great meals, we ate at Jamie Oliv­ers new restau­rant in bath which was amaz­ing. Jess loved it of course, she’s a huge Jamie Oliv­er Fan. Browns was anoth­er place we ate at with a cou­ple of our friends, and I plan to incoor­per­ate the build­ing into a future photoshoot.

On a tech­ni­cal point, while edit­ing these pic­tures, I noticed that I had been using the same lens for the whole 2 weeks, which I don’t mind at all.
For quite a long time, I’ve owned the 50mm f1.8, but it real­ly just seems to sit at the bot­tom of my bag.
I was nev­er hap­py with the focus­ing speed, and the sharp­ness, espe­cial­ly wide open at f1.8
My sis­ter in law bor­rowed my usu­al lens, my 18–50mm 2.8 so I used that as an oppur­tu­ni­ty to get to know my “nifty fifty” a bit better.
I fell in love with it! =)
Its per­fect for dim rooms, and por­traits. It just throws the back­ground out of focus and makes the sub­ject real­ly pop!
Enjoy these pic­tures, and I must warn you, there’s quite allot, and most won’t mean much to you, but I just want­ed to share.

Scroll to near the bot­tom for more ‘arty’ shots…

…Jess and Myself
Anniversary Meal-7199

Anniversary Meal-7227

My Awe­some Broth­er, Phil
Anniversary Meal-7296

My mum!!
Anniversary Meal-7278

My Dad!!
Anniversary Meal-7211

Han­nah, My amaz­ing sister-in-law
Anniversary Meal-7312

Keir and his awe­some girl­friend, Sonia after a lush meal at waga­ma­ma’s in Manchester





My good friend Luke…

…Naf, at a LAN, along with…


…and Tris­tan


…And Jes­si­ca’s Gor­geous and super smart lit­tle cousin, Poppy!
















  1. alex November 17th, 2008 at 3:36 am

    wow very nice photos

  2. Pete November 25th, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    hi mate,

    Just want­ed to say you have such a dis­tinct cre­ative style that is great to view…the sec­ond shot of Pop­py is sheer class.

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